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Sammy: Wake Up!!!!!!!! 3 billion seconds until 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spencer:WTF I just want to go to sleep

Sammy:We gotta do somthing

Spencer: go to bed

Sammy No!!!  *Drives Leberto Limo*

Frank Fox: Awesome a Limo SimonKyle  a limo is here 

Sammy: Yeah and the rest of the Cool Dudes

Frank Fox: AWW YEAH

Everyone: AWESOME *Goes into limo*

Sammy: Here we go *Drives home*

Spencer: WTF you stole Leberto Limo

Sammy: No

(A few hours later)

Frank Fox: Do you like my awesome Disco Ball like light up fedora

Sammy: Can you get some nachos

Frank Fox: Ok

(More hours later)

Spencer: WTF it took you this long to get nachos

Frank Fox: Yeah

Sammy: Alright, 10 minutes until 2015

Aliens: We are here to destroy the party

Sammy: Don't unless you eat the nachos


Aliens: NOM!!

Everyone:5, 4, 3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

The End

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