Peppa: i'm peppa pig! [pig snort]

Peppa: this is my little brother george

George: [walks up] [pig snort twice]

Peppa: This is mummy pig

Mummy pig: [Pig snort a little louder]

Peppa: and this is daddy pig

Daddy pig: [PIG SNORT!!!]

Everyone: [Laugh]

Peppa: Peppa pig. [pig snort]

Peppa: [reading title card] Sammy at the playgroup.

Narrator: Today, Sammy Sheep is getting ready for playgroup, it's a little windy.

Suzy: Sammy? do you have your coat on?

Sammy: [Nodding]

Narrator: It's Sammy's first day to the playgroup.

Mummy sheep: Ok, lets go to the car. first we have to pick up Peppa.

Suzy: Hooray!

[driving to peppa's house.]

Peppa: Hi Suzy!

Suzy: Hi peppa! Today Sammy is going to the playgroup!

Peppa: Oooh!

Peppa: Hi Sammy.

Sammy: ?

Narrator: Sammy, Suzy, and Peppa are all at the playgroup.

Class: Hello peppa! Hello suzy!

Suzy: This is my little brother, Sammy.

Everyone: Hello Sammy!

Gabby: Hes as small as george!

Danny: [giggles]

Sammy: Oooh... [covers his eyes with his hands]

Narrator: oh dear. Sammy is a little bit shy.

Suzy: Its ok.

Sammy: [Giggles and runs to other side of the room]

Narrator: George is here as well.

George: Dine-saw! Grrrrr!

Sammy: [Giggle]

Narrator: Richard and Edmond are also here

Richard & Edmond: Hello Sammy!

Sammy: [Bawling]

Narrator: everyone goes to play outside. Geoge and richard and edmond are playing together. [screen goes to Sammy] but Sammy is [screen closes up on Sammy] playing on his own.

Edmond: [Trumpet] come play with us!

Sammy: [smiles and nods]

Narrator: Geroge, Richard, Edmond, and Sammy are all playing together.

all: [giggle and fall down]

Suzy: Sammy has 3 friends in one day Peppa: who do you think will be his best friend. Suzy well Geroge and Richard are best friends so i say Edmond.