Mummy Pony with Pedro's notebook.


Emily: Oh, that would be the perfect place to store my little African treasures.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Emily: And I'll get those African treasures of mine straight in there! *gets her African treasures and puts them in the treehouse*

[She, Lisa and Brianna leave and Peppa, Suzy, Danny and Pedro turn up]

Suzy: Hey, why is there all that African stuff in the treehouse?

Peppa: It must have been that horrible Emma-Poo!

Danny: Hey, Emily's not horrible! She's lovely!

Peppa: She's not lovely, she must have been the person who filled up our treehouse with all this horrible African stuff!

Pedro: Look at my notepad! It's crushed under the African stuff. I love the beautiful African stuff, but it's crushed my notebook.

Peppa: Yeah, there were some really good drawings in there.

Mummy Pony: *turns up* Hello, Pedro, Suzy, Peppa and Danny! I was just walking by! Oh, oh no, Pedro! You're notebook's stuck under the African stuff! Don't worry, Mummy's here! *climbs into the treehouse and gets out Pedro's notebook* There you go!

Pedro: Thank you for saving my notebook, Mum!

Mummy Pony: You're most welcome! *leaves*

Peppa: Well, your mum saved the notebook, now someone's gotta save the treehouse!

Suzy: How about us?

Peppa: Yeah!

Danny: Yeah!

Pedro: Yeah! That sounds quite fun to me!

[They take Emily's African stuff back to her manor and go back to the treehouse]

Back at Emily's manor....

Emily: Lisa, Brianna, look! African treasure! It's beautiful!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Emily: But isn't that the treasure we put in that treehouse?

[Peppa and Mummy Pig turn up]

Emily: It must have been YOU who took my African treasure out of the empty treehouse!

Peppa: But that's MY treehouse!

Emily: Aren't I lucky it was yours? I hate you.

Mummy Pig: Now listen here, you bratty little elephant. Don't do such things to my daughter's property again!

Emily: But you and your daughter are low class, Mrs. Pig.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Mummy Pig: Low class or high class, just don't attack Peppa's property!

Emily: Okay, fine, fine. But admit it. You're so low class.

Mummy Pig: Just stop being rude!

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