Once upon a time...

Harry Hippo was chilling out, maxing, and relaxing


A video game called came in the mail

He opened it and found out it was apart of the Mac+Cool series

He loved the series, especially the spin off

But he was a little hesitant at first 

Due to Littlebat10.exe

Though he decided to try it

Harry popped the disc into his laptop

It showed LittleBat10, Mac+Cool, and other characters in a hole

And they were dead...

There was this new character in the game called Classy Henrietta

He wondered if she was affiliated with Henrietta Pussycat

He played as the new character

The new character said...

Your not classy, get out of here or die!

Harry Hippo was scared to death

Mac+Cool came out of nowhere 

He said...

This game is haunted

Harry said..

What about if I deleted the game files

Mac+Cool yelled...

Don't delete them!

Though, Harry deleted the game files

Mac+Cool disappeared

Classy Henrietta appeared with no eyes

Just gorged out

She said...


Classy Henrietta killed Harry Hippo after those words

The disc is still getting delivered

Anyone who plays this game will die