It was a just a normal day in the life of a boy named Mark Mouse


A strange package in the mail came

Even though it was Sunday

Mark didn't know what it was

So he opened it

He realized that it was apart of the Mac+Cool series

So he popped the disc into his computer

It started out with Classy Henrietta

She said...

Are you classy?

Mark said...

I dunno

Then the game cut to LittleBat10

But he was turning into Littlebat10.exe

Spongebob and Patrick were both lynched by Classy Henrietta

Classy Henrietta turned into Scary Henrietta

Scary Henrietta forced LittleBat10.exe to eat a lot of souls

After he ate a lot of souls

LittleBat10.exe said...

I think I'm going to explode

LittleBat10.exe exploding killing every non-Randomness member

Mark wondered what we're in those souls

Then it shows us Mac's funeral.

It showed his herobrine eyes, dismembered, hyper-realistic body

The next day Mark found out on the news...

The same game was delivered to his friend Harry Hippo...

And Harry was killed by the game

Mark tried to delete the game files...

And Mac+Cool appeared

He said...

The game is haunted

Mark said...

What about if I delete the game files permanently

Mac+Cool yelled...


Mark did delete them

Mac+Cool disappeared

Scary Henrietta and LittleBat10.exe went near Mark

They drank his blood, ate his skin, and eyes

They ripped his nose and took his soul

That night, the police came to the scene of the crime

But the disc was nowhere to be seen

It may still be getting delivered to a random house.

Some people say.