(Note that this episode ((and other episodes that have season 5)) are fanmade, this is NOT a real season, and these are some legit ideas))


Peppa and George get invited to there first scavenger hunt.


*this is a fan-made episode*



Mummy Pig: Oh, look. A letter!

Peppa: It must be a letter for me!

Mummy Pig: It says to George and Peppa, Please come to my scavenger hunt! -Rebecca Rabbit

Peppa: Mummy, what is a scavenger hunt?

Mummy: Its where you have a list and find the items on the list.

Peppa: That sounds a bit boring.

Mummy: But in this party you will get a prize once you find all the items!

Peppa: Oh, goody! That sounds nice!

Narrator: Peppa likes prizes.

Peppa: Lets go to the scavenger hunt!

George: *snort* *snort*

*Peppa, Mummy and George go in the car*

*they drive*

*they arrive*

Mummy: Have fun Peppa! You too George!

*peppa and george enter the house*

Rebecca: Hello Peppa! Hello George!

Peppa: Hello Rebecca!

*richard comes to george*

Richard: Dine-saw!

George: Dine-saw!

Richard and George: Grrrrr!!!

*Richard and george run off*

Rebbeca: Everyone is in the living room!

Peppa: Oh goody!

*peppa runs to the living room*

Peppa: Hello everyone!

Everyone else: Hello Peppa!

Mummy Rabbit: You're just on time Peppa, the scavenger hunt is starting!

Everyone: Hooray!

Mummy Rabbit: Grab a list on your way out, and when you find an item put it on this table!

*everyone leaves to room and scatters around the house*

*peppa is looking*

Peppa: I cant find anything! This is too difficult!

Rebecca: You can see it, just look with your eyes!

*peppa finds an item*

Peppa: I found something! *snort* It's just like the rainy day game!

*peppa runs to the living room*

Peppa: *snort* I found a ball!

Danny: *ruff* I found a drum!

Suzy: *bleat* I found a doll!

Zoe: *chuff* I found an apple!

Emily: *trumpet* I found a paintbrush!

Candy: *meow* I found toothpaste!

Pedro: *neigh* I found a block!

Freddy: *yup yup (fox noise)* I found a spoon!

Rebecca: *squeak* And I found a carrot!

*everyone laughs as rebbeca blushes*

Mummy Rabbit: Congratulations! Now its time for the prize! But before we start, Has anyone seen George and Richard?

*peppa runs to the bedroom

*richard and george are playing with there dinosaurs*

Rebecca: Silly George! Silly Richard!

Peppa: You missed the scavenger hunt!

*george and richard cry*

Mummy Rabbit: It's okay, were having our prize in the kitchen! Come if you want a prize!

George and Richard: Hooray!

*everyones at the table*

Daddy Rabbit: Our prize is a big carrot cake!

*da da*

mummy rabbit cuts the slices of cakes and everyone takes a slice*

*everyone takes a bite*

Peppa: This is the best scavenger hunt ever!

Rebecca: and this is the best carrot cake ever!

*everyone laughs while rebecca blushes*

*credits roll*


- The narrator is only heard once in this episode.

- The airdate was going to be 3rd of November. But was changed to the 1st due to other new episodes.

- Daddy pig is not seen in this episode.

- The car is not seen while the title card is playing. But after peppa says "Lets go to the scavenger hunt!" the car appears.

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