School's out for summer!!!


Peppa: (wakes up) (gasp) The last day! (runs down stairs)

George: Schol out!

Daddy: That's right George! School's out later today!!

Peppa and George run onto the bus.

Littlebat10: Can I sing now?

Sonic: No! Not until school's out!!!

Littlebat10: Now?

Sonic: No!

Littlebat10: Now?

Sonic: No!

Later, in class,

Littlebat10: (throws paper at Sonic)

Sonic: (reading to self) Now?


Sonic throws the plane back.

Littlebat10: (reading) No!

At recess,

Peppa: Turns out Emily was never mean in the first place!

Danny: We know! It's all over the news!!!

In gym during school meeting,

Emily: Teacher!

Madame Gazelle: Yes?

Emily: Thank you for coming to our new older kids school just for us! Now you can be our teacher for longer.

Madame Gazelle: Your welcome!

The bell rings.

Madame Gazelle: Have a nice vacation kids!

Later, everyone is out the door.

Littlebat10: Now?!

Sonic: No- I mean yes! School IS out!

Littlebat10: Heck yeah! ♫ Schools out for summer- ♫

Everyone: ♫ Schools out for ever! ♫ (continue to sing until the last person is home)

Peppa: (unpacks everything) Summer time!

The End


Littlebat10 and Sonic are to be racing to Running in the 90s. Dr. Eggman shows up in his egg flyer.

Dr. Eggman: Pingas! (flies off)

Littlebat10: Why is he here?

Sonic: I dunno.

Littlebat10: This is England! Not Sodor! (in British accent) Get out of here you little punk!

Sonic: (runs off)

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