Peppa: Bertram, before you came to Peppatown, where did you live?

Bertram: Glasgow.

Peppa: Where's Glasasgow?

Bertram: Glasgow's in Scotland.

Peppa: Where's the scot land?

Bertram: Scotland is near England on Earth. Do you want me to tell you about life there, Peppa?

Peppa: Yes, yes!

Bertram: Well, here it goes.


Bertram (narrating): It rained a lot in Scotland, but that meant lots of muddy puddles! Riding trains on the Caledonian Railway was lots of fun. We saw lots of amazing Scottish sights like the ruins of castles. For a while, the country flew on Air Scotland, but that airline closed down. Oh, and I remember the night they voted whether Scotland would remain part of Britain or would move on to its own country!

(flashback ends)

Peppa: Which one won? I hope the scot land became its own country!!!!

Bertram: To be honest, I forget. Mum, is Scotland still in the UK or not?

Mummy McKenzie: It's still in the UK. Sorry, Peppa.

Peppa: Awwwwrrrr. But being your own land means having your own flag, adventure and, of course, culture.

Brianna: Cheer up, Peppa! Scotland is still home to great adventures! And also the Scots build great rescue planes! Zoom zoom! And also, we have our own species of puppy dog, the Scottish terrier! Woof woof!

Peppa: Wow, Brianna. I wanna go there!

Mummy Pig: Okay, Peppa!

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