Seó'a Peppa is the Sallyish dub of The Peppa Show. It premiered in 2015 on CSBC in iSally and on LearnSallyish in Peppaland. It has selected episodes and is split into three seasons.


Season 1 (2015)

Sallyish Name English Episode Translation Airdate
Decian Birtin Tenth Birthday Tenth Birthday 2 February 2015
Agdin Trick'n Caitenma This Is The Life Going Trick or Treating 3 February 2015
An Dohintach d'Rebecca Rabbit Rebecca's Wonderful World The Amazing World Of Rebecca Rabbit

4 February 2015

A'Koleish The Game The Game 5 February 2015
Agigu Nua Nacdoru New Neighbours The New Next Door Neighbours 6 February 2015
Deyagori Kloe Teenager Chloé Teenage Kloe/Chloé 7 February 2015
Kristmas ďGonda How Daddy Stole Christmas Christmas is Stolen

8 February 2015

Valetin ďPeppa Peppa's Valentine Peppa's Valentine

9 February 2015

Season 2 (2017)

Sallyish Name English Episode Translation  Airdate
A'Fillad We're Back The Return 1 May 2017
Portin Dracotin Spell Mischief Magic Mayhem 2 May 2017
A'Gocomorto Gleanchotin Gym-Tastic The Gymnastics Competition 3 May 2017
Cliceáil Dunstan Clique Schmique Crazy Clique 4 May 2017
A'rioga Clash The Thistle Raid The Royal Clash 5 May 2017
Postan Jobs Jobs 6 May 2017
Raluktuclub Chloe and The Clubs Club Overload 7 May 2017
Doktuir Suzy Important Doctor Doctor Suzy 8 May 2017
Achnin a'City Into the City Into the City 9 May 2017
Akilattetablet'd Pedro The Tale of the Tablet Pedro's Stolen Tablet 10 May 2017
Setanearach Spring Showers Spring Rain 22 May 2017
A'Seo Talante Peppatown's Got Talent The Talent Show 23 May 2017
Nightmare'd Peppa Peppa's Big Nightmare Peppa's Nightmare 24 May 2017
Tucerin d'Leo Lion

The Return of Leo Lion

Leo Lion Returns 25 May 2017
Ekterton'd Paris Peppa goes to Paris Adventures in Paris 26 May 2017