Peppa Pig Season 13 (series 13 in the UK) is the 13th season of Peppa Pig. This Season is more weirder than previous ones.


Name Plot Number (In Season) Number (in Total)
Miss Rabbit's Bump Miss Rabbit gives birth to a few babies 1 ?
King Pig King Pig from Angry Birds falls onto the roof of the playgroup. 2 ?
The Giant Muddy Puddle Peppa and George discover a giant muddy puddle outside, and tries it out if its safe. but Daddy Pig causes an apocalypse. 3 ?
Peppa Pig Visits Turkmenistan Peppa Pig goes herself to Turkmenistan, but then escapes to Azerbaijan and Turkey. 5 ?
Peppa Pig's New Friend Peppa Pig makes a new friend called Pamela Pokémon, whilst Kim Jong-hyuk tries to ruin it. 6 ?
Peppa Pig's New Teacher - Crazy Edition Same as "Peppa Pig's New Teacher", but with a different plot halfway through 7 ?
The Mess Pepperika makes an enormous mess all over the house while the Heffley family is visiting. 8 ?
George's Fourth Birthday George Pig celebrates his fourth birthday. 9 ?
Peppa Pig Visits Somalia Peppa Pig's family visit the country Somalia and attempt to fight against Al-Shabaab. 10 ?
Trip to China Peppa's family go on a disastrous trip to China. They all want to go to Shanghai, but Petunia oddly wants to visit Ürümqi. 11 ?
Peppa Pig's Rush To The Toilet Peppa Pig has been abandoned in the middle of a forest. She is constipated, so she has to rush home and use the toilet. 12 ?

Peppa Pig Meets Harry Smith

Peppa's Bully Revenge

Peppa Pig meets Harry Smith from The Bully. She quickly becomes his latest victim of bullying. 13 ?
Mac Pig's Second Visit Mac Pig, Peppa's cousin, comes to Peppa Pig's House to play. However, they go on a trip to Sheepington instead. Based on a rejected version of Mac Pig's visit. 14 ?
On Another Planet Peppa and other crossover characters travel to another planet. 15 ?
Peppa Pig's Freaky Pet TBA 16 ?
Talking Angela Turns Real TBA 17 ?
Peppa and the Rugrats Peppa meets the Rugrats and makes new friends with them. 18 ?
Peppa Meets Little Guy Peppa Pig meets Little Guy and Dr. Beanson from Greeny Phatom, and things go "cracktastic". 19 ?

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