Season/series 6 is a new season of Peppa pig that will begin February , 26 , 2014 . in this Episode Jase and Selmo will turn 2

Season 6 future episodes :

1.Jase And Selmo's Birthday - Jase And Selmo turns 2 and Peppa,MummyPig,DaddyPig and George invited all kids to the birthday party especially Sammy and Gertrude

2.the waterpark - In this Episode everyone goes to the waterpark , mummyDog and Mrs.Sheep can't go slide to the waterslide cause their pregnant

3.Mr.Bull's Brother - Mr.Bull 's brother came to ********** for a visit

4. The Pregnancy Test - in This Episode Mrs.Cow took a Pregnancy Test that came out positive (+) and then mr.Bull and Mrs.Cow tells everyone that Mr.Cow is pregnant with their first child

5. *(Other Future Episodes that fans are gonna make)*

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