Season of the Bat is the second episode of Pork Park.


Betsy Bat destroys ricn people's houses because he doesn't like rich people.


[The episode starts outside Peppa's house, it zooms inside while the narrator speaks]

Narrator: It is Halloween Night, meaning it's 'The Season of the *BLEEP*' and Betsy Bat is coming over.

Betsy: Any candy?

Peppa: No.

Betsy: *BLEEP* you! *attacks Peppa*

Peppa: What the *BLEEP*

Pedro: *muffles*

Peppa: Stop muffling, Pedro!

Danny: Yeah, it's kinda annoying.

Suzy: I agree.

[Cuts to Emily's house]

Emily: *sobs* Why did she have to demolish my house to steal candy?

Betsy: *demonic voice* I'M A BOY!

Emily: Then why is your name Betsy? Are you trans-

Betsy: *brutally attacks Emily and steals more candy*

[Cuts to Peppa's house] 

Pedro: *muffles*

Betsy: *demonic voice* SHUT THE *BLEEP* UP!

Pedro: *muffles*

Betsy: *brutally attacks and murders Pedro*

Danny: Oh my god, Betsy killed Pedro!

Peppa: You *BLEEP*!

[Cuts to a young James D. Midthbourgh]

James: Daddy, can we have a party? Remember that theme park incident?

James, Sr.: Yes and we'll have a Pumpkin Party.

James: Yay!

[Peppa and friends get an invitation for Jame's Pumpkin Party at his manor]

Betsy: Can we destroy his manor?

Peppa: No.

Betsy: Then I'll get Buffy.