Secondary Playgroup is an episode of Peppa Pig in InSaNeJOY and CreationBeTheWorld23's fanon.


Narrator: Peppa is going to Playgroup. Little does she know it's her last day.

Peppa Pig: I can't wait to see what Playgroup does for my 10th birthday party! Can we stop at Mr. Fox's shop and buy me a birthday dress?

Mummy Pig: I don't think so. We'd be late!

George Pig: I don't care. *uses his iPad*

Peppa: I know you don't.

Mummy Pig: We're here, guys! See you!

George: No!

Mummy Pig: George, you don't say no to your mummy.

George: Yes I do!

Narrator: Mummy Pig is going to have to carry George to playgroup.

Madame Gazelle: Welcome to Playgroup, Peppa and George!

George: Nice morning, eh?

Madame Gazelle: We have a special surprise for you today, Peppa.

Peppa: Yay, I love surprises!

George: Yuck. I hate surprises.

Rebecca Rabbit: Peppa! Peppa! Peppa! I know what your surprise is! squeak

Madame Gazelle: Rebecca, don't tell her! It's a surprise.

Richard Rabbit: Whatever.

George: I'm playing a multiplayer game of Dino Run with Richard.

Peppa: Of course you are!

George: Es una bonita mañana! (It's a nice morning!)

Peppa: It is.

[cuts to Peppa and George at playgroup]

Madame Gazelle: Alright, play with your toys and use your uPads. [takes the toys out of the cupboard]

Everyone: Yay! [plays with their toys or uses their uPad]

[time speeds up]

George: Estoy jugando con embarcaciones de cerdo Richard Conejo en mi uPad. (I'm playing Pigcraft with Richard Rabbit on my uPad.)

Peppa: I can see that clearly.

Madame Gazelle: We are starting class! Please put away your toys and your iPads from home.

Suzy: Madame Gazelle?

Madame Gazelle: Yes, Peppa?

Suzy: Pedro is late again!

Narrator: Pedro isn't late, he is just hiding behind Madame Gazelle.

Pedro: I'm right here! Hee hee!

Madame Gazelle: Hello, Pedro! Why don't you join the rest of the class? You can go next to Suzy.

Suzy: Ew, no! I'm not sitting next to that slowpoke!

[Pedro starts crying]

Narrator: Suzy has hurt Pedro's feelings.

Madame Gazelle: Suzy, why don't you sit in the time out corner for hurting Pedro's feelings? Anyway, class, Peppa has turned 10 today.

Everyone: Happy birthday, Peppa!

George: Silly Peppa, why are you saying happy birthday to YOURSELF?

Madame: Since she's so smart...

Peppa: Why thank you!

Madame Gazelle: Peppa and Pedro are moving to Secondary Playgroup with Candy and Emily!

Suzy: I hope Emily enjoys his snobby company!

[Pedro starts crying again]

Madame: Suzy! If you hurt Pedro's feelings again, I will call your mummy.

Suzy: *sigh* OKAY.

Pedro: Suzy is mean!

Madame: You guys can all enjoy your toys until Secondary Playgroup comes to get Peppa and Pedro.

George and Richard: Let's play Dino Run!

George: Who wants to play Dino Run with us?

Suzy: Nobody wants to play your pathetic Dino Run.

George: Voy a jugar con embarcaciones de cerdo Richard otra vez! ¡Hurra! (I'm going to play Pigcraft with Richard again! Yay!)

Suzy: Blah blah blah. No-one likes that game. It's been around since 2008!

Richard: That's offensive!

[George and Richard start crying]

Madame Gazelle: *picks up the phone* Hello? Is Mrs. Sheep there? Yes, I need to talk to her. Thanks. Hello? Yes, Suzy is being a bit of a bully. Can you come get her, please? Thanks.

Narrator: The Secondary Playgroup teacher has arrived.

Miss Rabbit: Hello, Peppa and Pedro! I am Miss Rabbit, the teacher of your Secondary Playgroup class. I want you to meet your classmates.

Candy Cat, Emily Elephant, Everett Elephant, Monty Pig, and Tyson Pig arrive.

Peppa: Monty? Is that you?

Monty: You're in my Secondary Playgroup class. Don't worry, you can come back and visit your friends on Fridays when I come here to Playgroup.

George: Do you want to play Dino Run with us?

Monty: Me and Tyson wish we could, but we have to get going. Huh, Tyson.

Tyson: Yes.

Miss: Okay, kids. Let's go, we have a class to get started!

Playgroup students: Goodbye, Peppa!

Madame Gazelle: Wait! I have graduation certificates to the two kids! Here you two go.

Peppa, Pedro: Thanks, Madame Gazelle!