Secret Code is a fanon episode of Peppa Pig.

But that's not the real password.
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But Seriously... He Is Not Going To Be Easy! He's A Tricky One.


Peppa Pig: I guess I can play teddy all alone.

(door locks)

Peppa Pig: I forgot the secret code.

Door System: What's the secret code, Peppa?

Peppa Pig: It's... it's...

George Pig: Dine-saw!

Peppa Pig: George! Dinosaur is not a secret code.

Door System: And now...what's the secret code?

Peppa Pig: I know! It's Daddy's Big Tummy!

Door System: Daddy's Big Tummy? Why didn't you say so? (opens door)

Peppa Pig: Thank you, door system!

George Pig: (snort twice)

Door System: Anytime, Peppa and George. Anytime.

The End.