Secret Code Is A Fanon Episode Of Peppa Pig.

But That's Not The Real Password.
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But Seriously... He Is Not Going To Be Easy! He's A Tricky One.


Peppa Pig: I Guess I Can Play Teddy All Alone.

(Door Locks)

Peppa Pig: I Forgot The Secret Code.

Door System: What's The Secret Code, Peppa?

Peppa Pig: It's... It's...

George Pig: Dine-saw!

Peppa Pig: George! Dinosaur Is Not A Secret Code.

Door System: And Now... What's The Secret Code?

Peppa Pig: I Know! It's Daddy's Big Tummy.

Door System: Daddy's Big Tummy? Why Didn't Just Say So? (Opens Door)

Peppa Pig: Thank You, Door System!

George Pig: (Snort Twice)

Door System: Anytime, Peppa And George. Anytime.

The End.