She Tandpit is an episode of Pippa Pork. Is it the 10th episode of season 4 along with being the 55th episode of the series. 


Pippa, Susan, and Porman are stranded!


Pippa: *sitting in the sitting room all bored* *sighs*

Pippa: *is asleep outside*

Pippa: *SIGHS*

???: Hello, Pippa.

Pippa: *wakes up really fast* what!?WHAT!? whAT's ggoing on!??

*The camera shows that it's Susan lamb*

Pippa: Oh, it's YOU.

Susan: i've come to sleep on the ground with you. However, this does not mean we're friends.

Pippa: Alright

Pippa and Susan: (both sleeping on the ground) *SIGHS*

Porman horse: *shows up and flops on the ground* 

Porman: *SIGHS*

like 4 seconds later

Pippa: *wakes up a little bit and looks into the distance* whoa might wanna look at this

Susan and Porman: *wake up*

*someone wearing a tall pointed hat and a long robe is seen in the distance*

Susan: *loud whispering* Is that a real wizard!?

Porman: *whispering* I think so.

Pippa: *stands up* let's go check it out *walks over*

Susan: *loud whispering* Pippa! you need to stop doing that!! *stands up and follows pippa*

Porman: *stands up follows everyone*

-when they get over there-

Wizard: *sitting on the ground* *SIGHS*

Pippa: HEY YOU!!!

Wizard: *looks at pippa* !?!?!?

Susan: Pippa what are you doing?

Pippa: The only thing you CAN do with a wizard....

Pippa: *looks over at the wizard* YOU'RE A BIG LOSER YOU'RE A BIG LOSER!!!

Susan: Ohhh i get it now! *at the wizard* YOU'RE A BIG LOSER!!!

Porman: *blows ra spberries*


this goes on for like a minute. until...

Wizard: Please stop being mean to me! I'm warning you!

Pippa: SHUT UP LOSER! *throws a rock in the wizard's face*

Wizard: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Porman: Haha! Nice one!

Susan: *blowing raspberries*

Wizard: That is IT!!! 

Susan: wait what

Wizard: *begins waving wand in circles*

*leaves blowing around, circling Pippa, Susan, and Porman*

Wizard: You did not heed my warning, and therefore you must pay the price!

Pippa: What do we do!? What's gonna happen!??

Wizard: Ego non possunt cogitare de a maledictione!!

*Pippa, Susan, and Porman begin being teleported*


*Pippa Pork intro shows*

Pippa: *snoring*

Porman: wake up! wake up! Pippa please wake up!!!

Pippa: *starts waking up* What is it porman?


Pippa: ?? *stands up and looks around*

*camera pans around the area they're in*

NarRATor: Pippa looks around, and sees nothing but miles and miles of sand.

Pippa: Where are we!?

Susan: The wizard must have done it.

Porman: *Flipping through a huge book* According to the Ingens Magicae Libro, this place is known as a Tandpit.

Susan: Do you always carry around that book?

Porman: *reading* bla bla bla Can be used to banish people bla bla bla.... and is nearly impossible to escape!? 


Susan: PIPPA! That may have been the last water we ever had!


Susan: *sighs* We're going to live here forever.

Porman: Stop! Don't say that!

10 minutes later...

Susan: we're going to have to make a shelter.

Susan: *handing porman a shovel* Porman, you take this shovel and dig for water.

Porman: yes ma'am *starts digging*

Susan: Pippa, you build us some shelter

Pippa: I can't build houses on my own! can you help me?

Susan: Alright. But keep in mind that we are still not friends.

Pipps: but weren't we friends in sh--

Susan: No, SHAT UP!

*a quick montage of Pippa, Susan, and Porman working is shown*

Porman: *digging in the sand*
Regular Show Finale Montage song

Regular Show Finale Montage song

*still hasn't found any water*

Porman: *sighs*

Pippa: *building a house made of sand*

Susan: *building another house made of sand*

*Porman is surrounded by 3 different holes that he dug and is digging a new one*

Porman: *finds a totato* ?

Pippa: *putting sand bricks together on a third sand house*

Susan: *puts in the last brick*

Pippa: *smiles*

*montage ends*

Pippa: We did it!

*camera shows 3 houses, each one about the size of a shed, made of sand*

Pippa: *sighs happily* you did a great job on the windows, susan!

Susan: *giggles* please, if it wasn't for your--

Porman: I FOUND WATER!!!

Susan: !! *walks over to porman*

*camera shows a huge hole full of water porman found*

Susan: This is great! now we have water AND a lake!

Pippa Susan and Porman: *staring at the new life they've created*

Susan: *smiling* We will live here forever.

*helicopter heard from above, sand blowing around*

Pippa: Look! we're saved!

Susan: Oh.

Muma pork: *on the helicopter* EVERYBODY GET ON!!!!!!!

*ladder drops down*

Pippa Susan and Porman: *all begin climbing*



  • This is the first Pippa Pork episode to have a cold open
  • "Ego non possunt cogitare de a maledictione" translates to "I can not think of a curse"