It's Sid

Sid the Spelling Cyborg is a toy robot wolf. He first appears in "Peppa Goes to Topsy-Turvy Town". Peppa and her friends play with him for hours. He also spells a lot of words. He is voiced by Warwick Davis.  


  • Peppa Goes to Topsy-Turvy Town (debut, but does not speak)
  • The Little Lost Robot
  • Rosie and Robbie at the Playgroup
  • Disco (cameo)
  • Cheer Gabby up (cameo)
  • So Long, Sid (last appearance)


  • "C-A-T. Cat."
  • "P-E-P-P-A. Peppa."
  • "G-E-O-R-G-E. George."
  • "Hello, everyone. I'm Sid the Spelling Cyborg. I can spell millions and millions of words.

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