Sink In The Wasteland Is A Most Horrifying Episode Of Peppa Pig!

Peppa Is In The Water Garbage.

It's Sinking To Steal Them Alive!


Narrator: Peppa Is Watching TV About Mr. Potato.

Mr. Potato: What Is Your Grand Prize?

Henry Horse: I Think I Have My Grand Prize. A Toy!

Mr. Potato: You Won The Grand Prize. A Toy!


Peppa Pig: I Knew It.

Danny Dog: Alright, George And Edmond. How Are You Doing Today In Your Hats?

George Pig: I've Got A Dine-Saw Hat!

Edmond Elephant: I've Got A Truck Hat!

Edmond Elephant: Hey, Where Is Your Hat, Danny?

(Danny Puts A Genie Hat On His Head)

Edmond Elephant: Nice Genie Hat We Got Here, Danny.

Peppa Pig: Oh, No! I Think I Better Taking Out The Trash!

Peppa Pig: UH OH!

(Waves A Water Garbage)

Peppa Pig: WHOA........ Oh! Eww, A Garbage!

George Pig: Help Me, Peppa Pig! Bububu...

Edmond Elephant: That's It! We're Going Under!

Danny Dog: I Told You Taking Out The Tramp! Buhubu...

Edmond Elephant: I'm Too Handsome To Die! Bubububub....

Peppa Pig: Don't Worry, Guys! I'll Save Yoooo! (Hit The Wall)

The End.

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