Peppa Pig: *reading title card* Skids' Funeral.

Narrator: Today, Skids is having his funeral.

Peppa Pig: *looking at grave* Skids, you were more than just a car. You were a member of the family.

George Pig: Me can wemember when he expwoded.

[flashback to the episode "Giant Gas Fire at the Playgroup" when Skids exploded]

Daddy Pig: Oh, Skids. I was foolish to drive you into the fire.

Larry Limo: I miss Skids, now he is in Heaven with Kenny Campervan and Cici the Pro Camper.

Bert: Yeah, I really miss my twin brother Skids. (sobs loudly)

Lola Limo: Ugh, He was the most disgusting car ever in the whole wide world!


Emily Elephant: Were having 3 funerals, one for your car Skids, my campervan Cici, and that heap of junk Kenny. that's why Lola is invited.

Peppa Pig: But who invited you?

Emily Elephant: Daddy Pig.

Daddy Pig: Well?

Emily Elephant: If you keep me and Lola here, I'll let you bury Cici in your garden, is that a deal?

Peppa Pig: I guess?

Emily Elephant: Awesome!

[The funeral starts]

Daddy Pig: [dressed as a vicor] Today is a very sad day, we are remembering 3 automobiles.

Mummy Pig: [making speech] I've bought Skids for me and Daddy Pig 8 years ago and we loved him so much. 5 years later, we bought him a twin named Bert! They got on very nicely! Kenny Campervan was our campervan me and Daddy Pig got 4 years ago and introduced to the kids 5 months ago. But Cici, Emily's pro camper, pushed him down the hill and he exploded. Peppa hit Cici with a crowbar and Percy pushed her down a hill and she died.

George: *sobs*

Matt Mustang: I remember Skids when I met in 2005.

Randy RV: I used to be a old RV, now I'm a fancy little Camper Van with a Sat Nav. I remember Kenny and Cici very well. I look like a modern Volkswagen van.

Renny RV: I miss them too.

[Meanwhile in Heaven]

Kenny Campervan: What to do?

Cici the Pro Camper: IDK?

Skids: Let's play tag!

(they start playing tag)

[Back at the funeral]

Peppa: I miss Skids.

;Emily: To be honest, me too.

Peppa: (to herelf) Emily never admits stuff like this :o

Peppa: R.I.P. Skids

Feel free to continue or make a Part 2.

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