Peppa: (watching T.V.) what are those piggies doing up there

Daddy: (laughing) there sky diving

Peppa: what is this "sky diving"

Daddy: it's when piggies jump from a perfectly good airplane

Peppa: But, daddy they'll hit the ground and die!!

goerge starts crying

Daddy: (angrily) Peppa you got goerge crying now george stop crying

George: NO (continues crying)

Daddy: I will tell you when you jump out of the plane you have a paraShoot which safely glides you to the ground

Mummy: that's very dangerous Percy

Daddy: Nonsense we'll go as a family

Mummy: kidos and daddy pig PACK YOUR STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy: (packing his stuff) paraShoot bag hmm I guess I'll put a meal in it what could go wrong


A guy: aright attach your paraShoot bag to your back and tug this string when your 200 feet from the ground and here's a commutator for you in case something goes wrong got it now daddy pig why don't you go first

Narrator: oh no daddy pig has no parashoot he just has food

Mummy: oh no I'm calling

Daddy: hello

Mummy: what do y- (crash)

Daddy: I'm fine

Mummy: but, how

Peppa: His Fattness

Daddy: SHUT UP!


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