Peppa goes out with george to jump in muddy puddles, but a snowstorm comes before they can do so.



[title card]

Narrator: Peppa and George are going out to jump up and down in muddy puddles.

[they find a puddle]

Peppa: Wow, what a big puddle!

[the storm brews up]

Mummy: Peppa, George, you have to come inside now!

[they run inside]

Peppa: Yes, Mummy?

Mummy: A snowstorm is brewing up, so we have to stay inside.

[gets really dark outside]

Peppa: Why does it look like its night, mummy?

Mummy: The snowstorm must be really big.

Peppa: Wheres Daddy?

[daddy comes running up]

Mummy: There you are!

Daddy: We had to leave work early, because of the snowstorm.

[starts snowing]

Peppa: Mummy, Look! It's snowing! Can we go outside?

Mummy: No, or else you will turn into a snowman!

[peppa and george giggle]

[very heavy snow occurs]

[lights flash]

Peppa: Who's doing that?

Mummy: The snow

Daddy: Well, I will be reading my newspaper.

[lights go out]

[peppa goes to light switch]

[peppa turns on light switch but lights dont go on]

Peppa: Mummy, the lights aren't working!

[storm gets REALLY heavy]

Mummy: Maybe you two should take a nap.

Peppa: But i'm not tired!

[george yawns]

Mummy: But george is, I will put george to bed. You can stay up peppa

Peppa: Okay

[storm stops lights come back up]

Daddy: Oh, the storm is over. Now i can do nothing outside.

[daddy goes out comes back in as a snowman]

Narrator: Daddy pig has turned into a snowman!

Peppa: *giggles* Daddy, your a snowman!

[daddy shakes his body]

Mummy: We're gonna have to wait until the snow melts.

[miss rabbit comes with snow plower thing]

Miss Rabbit: Hello!

Peppa: Hello! Have you come to clear the snow?

Miss Rabbit: Yes! But I can't talk right now, I have a lot of work to do. See you later!

Peppa: Bye bye!

Mummy: Maybe you can play with this ball while the rest of the snow melts.

Peppa: Can you get George then?

[mummy goes get george]

[george comes down]

[george runs to peppa]

Peppa: Catch!

[george and peppa play catch]



- The storm must've been very quick (but very heavy)

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