Sodor Map

The map of Sodor

Sodor is an alternate, twisted version of Old Sodor. Freaks are banished to Sodor once the PIA decides that they deserve more than jail. Eirza is the first ever resident to escape. It floats above an infinity void, unlike Old Sodor which has water around it. To keep the island afloat a scripted sculpt is used to stop it from falling down.


Sodor was a peaceful island where Thomas along with many other tank engines happily lived. One day in 2013, however, Sir Topham Hatt fell into a coma. The hospital tried to wake him up, and they did, but it resulted in the island of Sodor being cloned and the clone becoming all empty excluding the engines and the rails, thus forming Sodor.

End of Sodor

On January 7, 2016, Sodor broke into the infinity of a void and the people, except the banished residents and engines, died because the heart and soul of the island (The Scripted Sculpt) was being sucked inside the void due to AncientReality getting killed by Snipars and Pyrocynical, and faded away.

Sodor was recreated on May 30, 2016 as a city-state named New Sodor.

Known residents

It is believed that many, many more residents reside on the island of Sodor. Peppa Pig's gang are working to discover other residents in the miniseries Peppa and Her Gang in the iSally Islands.

Banished residents

Escaped residents

Deceased residents



Sodor's equivalent of Peppaland.


A post-apocalyptic version of Peppatown, currently run by Animaljames.

Sodor Museum

A Museum showing relics from 2013 to 2015.


A withered desert and the dimension's equivalent of Sheepington.

New Gordonville

A big city, unlike most other locations, looks somewhat similar to a normal town in the Peppaverse. Also the equivalent of New Porkville.


Sodor's equivalent of Peppadelphia.


Like Daneham, but post-apocalyptic.

Thomasham City

Thomasham's main city. A depressing, run down version of Daneham City.


Depressing version of Orolano.