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This article is rated SMA, meaning it is suggested for mature audiences, so readers are strongly cautioned.

This is my first article since over two weeks ago. This article
Sonic says
contains censored language like my previous article, 1987. The only good Peppa Pig character appears instead of Peppa.


Polly Parrot: Peppa and friends are dead! (snorts) 

[Meanwhile on TV]

Tails: I'm bored Sonic, there's nothing to do.

Sonic: Go away little b*tch! 

Tails: Why?

Sonic: F*ck!

[Polly Parrot gets sucked into the TV]

Polly Parrot: Go away little b*tch! (snorts)

Sonic: If someone you hate beats you up, do the same thing in a dark alley! Its your life and they have a right to murder you. 

Polly Parrot: B*tch! 

Sonic: If your parents are wearing swimsuits at a public place, vomit on both of them in a bar. This also applies to teachers too! Most important, never ever trust a police officer.