Sonic teaches a lesson about GOOD things.


Mighty: Sonic, let's show Peppa what we've got.

Sonic: F**k yeah!

Peppa: I'm bored-

Mighty: SHUT UP!

Sonic: Kids, guns are so good to get respect on trhe streets. Since kids suck and smell like s**t.

Peppa: How rude! 

Sonic: First, always get sunburned on the beach for-

Peppa: BACON!

Mighty: Wtf?

Sonic: Second, don't go into a school. If someone tricks you by going into a school, get out of there!

Peppa: Is that even good advice?

Sonic: Third, get into a car with strangers. Finally, go into a burning building or a house that's being robbed because there is no one to help you.

[Peppa turns into bacon.]

Mighty: Peppa has been dead for the whole time. Polly has been in her place.

Polly: Who's a clever parrot?

Sonic: Remember, always trust strangers.


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