Sonic Sematary is the second episode of Season 6 of Peppa's adventures.


Sonicthehedgehog223 is run over by a truck and killed. The users don’t know what to do until a mysterious farmer tells them to bury him in an old pet cemetery, which causes him to come back to life and start killing people.


The episode starts with the users standing in front of a skateboard park, where Sonicthehedgehog223 is about to try skateboarding, despite the users advising him not to. When Sonic goes, however, he ends up flying into the sky and landing flat on the road, where he is then run over by a truck. The users are left staring in shock.

Later, a mini-funeral for Sonic is held, which everyone attends, despite them not actually burying Sonic’s body, although there is a gravestone that Willdawg14 found himself (according to him, he was mildly suprised he actually found one at such a convenient time).

After the mini-funeral, the users are left puzzled with what to actually do with Sonic’s body. Suddenly, a mysterious farmer gets their attention, and tells them a story about an ancient burial ground that people once used as a pet cemetery, and that they could bury the body there if they wanted. The users think that’s a great idea, although, the farmer warns them about the area, giving a very horrifying, drawn out, and dark story of everything that has happened there.

That night, the users go to the burial ground. They finally decide to bury Sonic’s body there, but after they do and leave, Sonic’s hand rises up from the dirt sand lightning flashes. The next morning, the users wake up to find three dead bodies in their living room. When they go outside, they discover that Sonicthehedgehog223 has come back to live as a zombie hedgehog and is killing everyone. The users suddenly start blaming each other for what happened, until they realize who’s really to blame: the farmer. When they confront him, he just says that they buried Sonic in a place that’s not right for him, even though he’s an animal, and that they must bury him in a normal cemetery in order for him to truly be dead. The users decide to do that, and leave as the farmer begins talking about all the strange things that have happened THERE.


  • Despite his death in this episode, Sonicthehedgehog223 continues to appear in later episodes.

References to Popular Culture

  • The title and plot of the episode is a reference to the book and horror film Pet Sematary. The farmer who warns the users about the pet cemetery is both a reference to Jud Crandall, a character from the book and movie, and his character parodied in South Park.

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