Peppa steals the secret key to the Pippaverse while Katelynn Pig finds the house filled with soot.


[Peppa wakes up]

Peppa: I'm going to steal the magic key from the museum!

[cuts to Peppa hanging from a wire]

Peppa: it!

Suzy Sheep: Are you sure? Stealing is wrong.

Peppa: I'M GOING TO RIP YOUR WOOL OFF, SUZY! *unseaths knife*

Suzy Sheep: Put that knife away...

Peppa: *rips Suzy's wool off* That solves the problem.

[Peppa sees the secret key]

Peppa: *reels it up* Now I have the key to the Pippaverse!

Pedro Pony: *reels up Peppa's wire* Stealing is wrong.

Peppa: *rips Pedro* SHUT UP! Now, I need to find a keyhole in a stone wall. Now, where would a stone wall be?

Suzy: Peppa, it would be in that island jungle.

Danny Dog: OMG, Suzy! You look creepy with no wool!

Narrator: Peppa goes to the dock. She steals a rowboat.

Peppa: Now i'll know who inspired Pippa pork

Danny Dog: Da counterpart of a cr@-  king

Peppa: You c#%*$¥ b****! *puts the key in*

[They are sucked into the Pippaverse]

[cuts to Katelynn Pig]

Katelynn Pig: Mummy Pig, there's soot everywhere!

Lady GaGa: Mummy Pig isn't here. Can't read my, can't read my, no, he can't read my poker f♠️ce

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