Peppa's house is a bit dirty, so they do spring cleaning.



(title card)

Narrator: Peppa, George and Daddy pig are watching television.

(mummy pig comes in)

Mummy: This house is a mess!

Daddy: It looks fine too me.

Mummy: The living room is fine, but everywhere else is messy!

(daddy pig turns off the tv)

Daddy: What are you talking about? The house seems as clean as soap!

Mummy: Why don't you come take a look?

Daddy: Okay, Come on Peppa and George

Peppa: Okay!

George: *oink* *oink*

Daddy: Oh, this house is a mess.

Mummy: Well, be glad it's spring. Because were cleaning up the house.

(mummy walks away)

(comes back with cleaning stuff)

Mummy: Which room should we clean first?

Daddy: The kitchen! *oink* We can't eat in a dirty environment.

Mummy: Oh, yes, the kitchen.

(peppa & her family walk into the kitchen)

Peppa: There are a lot of cobwebs!

Daddy: There are. So let's clean!

(mummy gives peppa the sweeper)

Mummy: Peppa, You sweep the cobwebs off.

(mummy gives daddy a vacuum)

Mummy: Daddy Pig, You vacuum the floor.

(mummy gives george a bucket and sponge)

Mummy: George, You clean the dishes. Can I trust you?

George: *oink* *oink*

Peppa: Don't break the dishes george *giggle*

(everyone starts working)

(time skip)

Mummy: We've cleaned every room.

Peppa: What about the attic?

Mummy: Oh, the attic.

Mummy: We don't need to clean the attic. We only need to throw some garbage out of the attic.

(they walk into the attic)

Peppa: Are you sure we don't need too clean the attic?

Mummy: No, Peppa. Were not using the attic right now, so it can stay dirty.

Mummy: But we will need to throw away some garbage, so we can use the attic in the future.

(everyone starts looking for garbage)

Peppa: What about this?

Mummy: Okay, put it in this bag!

(peppa puts the stuff in the bag)

Daddy: I don't need this.

(daddy puts stuff in bag)

George: Grrbage!

Mummy: Okay, George. Put it in here.

(george puts stuff in bag)

Mummy: Now you can continue doing your television.

(george, peppa and daddy go downstairs to watch television)

Narrator: Now, the house is very clean.

zooms out of house)

Narrator: Everyone likes clean houses.

(credits roll)


- The garbage bag came out of nowhere.