SpudKids iSally is a Sallyish children's broadcasting network. It debuted on December 19, 1998 as an early-morning programming block on Spud, and became a channel in 2001. Only 3 shows aired on the channel before December 7, 1999.


Title First aired Ended/cancelled Notes Languages
The Mrs Potato Show December 19, 1998 January 15, 2000 The show was cancelled in January 2000 because The Mr. Potato Show's Sallyish dub was released to the public in 1999. Sallyish
Thorianna December 19, 1998 Still being produced Until 2001, the show did not have fully colored backgrounds. English, Sallyish
Lollipop Lane December 19, 1998 2003 Sallyish
The Mr. Potato Show December 7, 1999 Still being produced English, Sallyish
Letter Girl December 17, 1999 Still being produced English, Sallyish
Thorianna's Window January 11, 2000 October 31, 2005 (English dub only) The English dub of the show was cancelled due to Emilia Elephant, the voice of Thorianna's mother in the English dub, retiring and later dying English (cancelled), Sallyish