Peppa: It's been five days and I'm still a fairy! Well, I should do some aerobatics! *takes off, loops the loop, flies upside down, flies extremely fast, jumps while landing and takes off again*

Unknown dog: She's so good at aerobatics! Let's call her the Air Hog because she's a HOG doing stunts in the AIR.

Unknown rhinoceros: There the Air Hog goes again! Zoom!

Unknown horse: Check out that flying pig up there!

Unknown dog: We call her the Air Hog. Hehe.

Unknown horse: It's Mayor Lion! I hope he sees this!

Mayor Lion: Ah. I say. I'll put it in the Peppatown Gazette! *dives home*

Random animals: Look at her!

Peppa: Is this all for me? And I know how to use my flight ability *flies to Emily's Manor*

Emily: HEY! Isn't that PEPPA up there? Awwwwrrrr.

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