Peppa. How do you make sugar sapphires?

Liopleurodons. (monotreme voice) Well Peppa, sugar sapphires start out as simple sugar-coal deposits, next slide please!

(next slide)

Liopleurodons (monotreme voice) ...Buried way below the ground, next slide please!

(next slide)

Liopleurodons. (monotreme voice) And have constant pressure from stomping around every Froday Night, next please!

(next slide)

Liopleurodons. (monotreme voice) and then they become precious sugar sapphires, next slide please!

(next slide)

Everyone. (laughs)

Liopleurodons. (normal voice) Keep it! Keep it! Keep it on this slide!



The last and the most embarrassing slide.


  1. A picture of a coal and a sugar sapphire compared.
  2. Underground, with a brief footage of Peppa's house in the ground.
  3. A boy jumping on the ground with coals underground, the boy is Bertram Bliter.
  4. A picture of a sugar sapphire
  5. Lil, with a verse abover her saying "Lil is Love, Lil is Life".

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