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Everyone goes to the beach and gets sunburned


Peppa:Let's go the beach everyone



Daddy Pig:It's very hot isn't it

Mummy Pig:I know it's 65 degrees

Rebbeca:Peppa ? Do you wan to play volley ball


Danny:Pedro and Freddy ? Do you want to surf 

Pedro and Freddy:Okay

George, Richard and Edmond:(playing in sand) sand castle

Emily: Zoe and Suzy ? do you want to play in the sea ?

Zoe and Suzy:Okay

Chloe:Simon and Belisa ? Do you want to sunbade ?

Simon and Belisa:Okay

Zuzu and Zaza:(playing in sand) sand castle

Gabby:I'll just play skipping by my self

Alexander, Selmo and Jase:(playing in sand)

Sammy:(drinking lemonade)

Miss Rabbit:Everyone where sunburned!!!



Peppa:Everyone let's get back on the bus! putting on suncream won't help!

(later in a frozen river)

Everyone:Ahh that's relaxing

(all giggle and fall over)



When ever "everyone" says something it isn't exactly everyone

Nobody was looking after the babies

When Gabby went to play skipping on her own she wasn't sad

Peppa and Rebbeca drank a load of ice cold drinks but they still got sunburned


Febuary 11, 2013 (UK)

Febuary 22, 2013 (USA)

June 7, 2013 (Spain)

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