Peppa:Suzy are you taking the day off ?

Suzy:Yeah Peppa

Peppa:Any exiting plans?

Suzy: Well I was planning to do Spain, but that's just wrong so i'll just stay home and watch South Park

Peppa:LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (reaction to South Park)

Suzy:Maybe I'll just sit under the sun and work on my body tan

Peppa:You haven't even stared yet -_-

Suzy:Yeah It's the one freakin day it's sunny so I'll just sunbade

Peppa:Goodbye Suzy I have to go to school


Mrs Sheep: Suzy would you like some Cherryade

Suzy:what the hell is that ?

Mrs Sheep:It's lemoade but the flavour is Cherry

Suzy:Oh, never heard of it

Suzy:(sunbading) I'm getting hot, maybe I should put suncream on.

Suzy:I'm still a bit hot maybe I should get some lemonade

Sammy Sheep:... (walks inside)

Suzy:God how long have I been out here, OMG I only have a ½ hour left I should make the most of it anyway.

Suzy:Oh wait I can't get a tan cause my wool would still be white, anyway I should just make the 5 minutes I have left enjoyable

Peppa:Hi Suzy

Suzy:Hi Peppa

Peppa:How was your day ?

Suzy:It was really fun

Peppa:At the playground today Pedro got on the roundabout and I spinned it really fast and he couldn't get of

Both:(giggle and fall on ground)



It is unknown who gave Peppa permission to go to Suzy's house alone.

Sammy appears for a brief moment in this episode.


Suzy had 2 hours to enjoy the day but she wasted ¼ of it.


January 30, 2013 (UK)

Febuary 2, 2013 (USA)

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