Susan "Suzy" Sheep is Peppa's friend who is smart and has an impressive vocabulary (and a voracious appetite). She likes to eat foods like cinnamon swirls, Fruti Candy, cheesy weenies, ice cream and pizza. She dresses like a nurse. She is the deuteragonist.

Suzy temporarily ditches Emily to be with Pedro Pony in "Poppies and Puddles" and was with Emily by the end of the episode.


She tends to be a little bossy at times, can be a pessimist when whe wants to be. She also can be a bit of an extremist, like in "The Naughty Tortoise" she kept yelling "CHOP THE TREE DOWN." She also does this in other canon episodes. She also has no siblings which has lead her to conjour up the imaginary friend we know as "Leo Lion."

Like Peppa Pig she hates to admit defeat, which is why she often gets in fights with Peppa herself.


She has white wool, she wears a dark pink dress and black shoes.

In the episode "The Secret Club", she changes her dress. Often she is seen in her white nurse's outfit.

In ‘Poppies and Puddles’ her dress is light blue instead of dark pink and Suzy also wears a light blue hat with a light pink ribbon tied in a bow at the front.

Her latest outfit, seen in the fan-made version of the episode Sports Day, is lavender with a hot pink backwards cap.

In Suzy's Cousin she wears a pale pink summer dress with stripes of lavender and magenta.

She dresses like Hinata Hyuuga in Undhee's Naruto X Peppa Pig.

Suzy wears a pale pink floral long-sleeved dress with a hat and gloves in the hospital in George gets Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection and Peppa ressurects, the dress creates a reference to the hospital scene in "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry.



  • Although she is smart on this wiki (sometimes) she's quite the opposite in the real show. For example, in Potato City, she didn't know what would happen if she went behind the tomato picture with a hole for her face.
  • Suzy's first appearance is in the episode "Best Friend".
  • Her favorite toy is an owl, this is showed in the episode "Sleepover".
  • Her voice cracks frequently when she talks sometimes
  • She's a very Optimistic and Observant Character.



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