Suzy Sheep's fandom house. It is mainly blueish greyish violet with a light blue door and windows that have a pinkish tint to it, and one part of the roof is flat (used as a rooftop garden) and the other is just a roof of the colour blue-grey. Suzy also has a jacuzzi in the back yard.


Living Room - The living room has a blue and purple colour scheme, with an azure rug and a cozy light blue armchair with a purple sofa. Suzy and her family have a flat screen TV on a wide glass table. A glass coffee table is between the armchair and the TV, and near the kitchen door there's a modern electric fireplace which is wall mounted about 2⅓ high above the floor. Suzy and Peppa watched Mr. Potato: The Movie in this room while Daddy Sheep was cooking supper and Mrs Sheep was taking a nap upstairs.

Kitchen - The kitchen