Suzy Sheep doesn't want to is the pilot episode of Suzy Sheep.

Suzy Sheep: I sing "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know" when I take a hot bath.

Star Sheep: Your aunt is here!

Suzy: I'm going into the basement to see what's down there! [goes into the basement and finds a green screen, cameras, a sequinned bra and a halter nesh made of gems and glitter] Ooh, what's this? [picks up Cigarettes: The Relighting on vinyl record]

Star: YOU MOTHERF*****!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO! GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT OF HERE! [brings Suzy upstairs, kicks Suzy out and locks the front door]


  • The room Suzy entered is the room where the photoshoot for the Cigarettes special edition album cover was.

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