TF2 Crossovers are parodies of "Meet the amazing.....".

Character aspects


Low health, very fast. Has a scattergun, a pistol and a baseball bat. Can equip a glass of milk, a fish to slap people with, some mysterious soda and a radioactive drink.


High health, but slow. Has a rocket launcher, a shotgun and a shovel to hit people with. Can also equip instruments to support team members and can equip pickaxes.


Medium health, medium speed. Has a flame thrower, a shotgun and an axe. Can equip flare guns and sledgehammers.


Medium health and speed. Has a grenade launcher, a stickybomb launcher and a bottle for whacking people. Can equip shields, swords and boots.


Very high health but slow. Has a huge minigun, a shotgun and he can punch people. Can equip boxing gloves and pancakes to restore health.




  • Scout = Peppa
  • Soldier = Chloe
  • Pyro = Zaza
  • Demoman = Kylie
  • Heavy = Danny
  • Engineer = Emily
  • Medic = Suzy
  • Sniper = Candy
  • Spy = Zoe


  • Scout = George
  • Soldier = Richard
  • Pyro = Zuzu
  • Demoman = Didier
  • Heavy = Simon
  • Engineer = Edmond
  • Medic = Delphine
  • Sniper = Freddy
  • Spy = Rebecca


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