peppa pig is awesome! just saying!

Peppa Pig: MY 13th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!E OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzy Sheep: SNOWBALLS ARE COOLER THAN PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny Dog: FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pedro Pony: 17755678 + 1 = 17755677

[George dances]

Bertram Bilter: WAAAAAAAAAAA MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO THE TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!

[Peppa goes fat]

Peppa Pig: BOOOOO!!!!!!!

[Peppa floats out the window]

Peppa Pig: I'M GOING TO TIMBUCTOO!!!!!!!!

Peppa Pig: ALCAHOL!!!!!

[Peppa explodes and teleports next to Suzy Sheep]

Danny Dog: LET'S DRIVE BERT DOWN THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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