Governor the Vizier: I'll shift shape into Brianna Cutie! HAW HAW! *shifts shape into Brianna*

(Scene shifts to the McKenzie house)

Bertram: Brianna! Wanna play with my new train set? It's got stations and forests!

Brianna: Cool, Bertram! I'll be right there!

Governor the Vizier: *runs down stairs* Hi, Bertram! Nice train set!

Bertram: Och, Brianna, you sound different.

Mummy McKenzie: Aye, you don't even sound like a lassie or lad!

Brianna: Huh? OH WAIT! *sees disguised Governor* I'VE BEEN CLONED! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Governor the Vizier: No, I'm the one who was cloned! AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! (lying)

Bertram: You're not my sister! Actually, never mind that! You probably ARE! *hides shoe* I lost one of my shoes! Can you turn into a shoe? Brianna can!(knows that Governor can shift his shape)

Governor the Vizier: Okay! *turns into shoe*

Bertram: HA! My sister can't actually do that, you're Governor!

Governor the Vizier: Awwwwwrrrrr! I thought I tricked you! And the smell! Ugh!

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