Miss Rabbit was driving her old fashioned bus, Bobby. He was driving the children to the dine-saw park, All of a sudden, there was a big argument. It was Peppa Pig and Emily Elephant. The two are enemies with each other. Rebecca Rabbit was one of Emily Elephant's newest walky-talky girls, and also likes fighting with Peppa too. When Bobby spluttered to a stop, it made Peppa, Rebecca and Emily slide off the bus and out of the door. When the sliding stopped, Emily said "This is all your fault, Peppa. YOU made us slide off the bus." "How did I do that? You touched one of the buttons!" Peppa said. "Stupid pig, my boss did not touch one of the buttons." Rebecca Rabbit said. "The bus ran out of petrol." Then, Brianna Bear and Lisa Fox hopped out of the bus, too. "What's happened, boss?" Brianna said. "Why has the bus stopped?" Lisa said. "I have no idea. I think it could be that it was running out of petrol." Rebecca Rabbit said to Lisa. "There's only one thing for it, I guess we'll have to call Grandad Dog." Brianna said. "So Miss Rabbit can fill Bobby up faster!"

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