The Adventures of Peppa in Bullyland (also called Peppa in Bullyland for short) is an upcoming 2015 film.


After her Teddy gets thrown away by Emily and her gang, Peppa must go rescue Teddy from a man named Huxley (Mandy Pataken in Live-Action) and return to Peppatown safely with her friends as well.



Lily Snowden-Fine as Peppa Pig

Alice May as Teddy

Meg Hall as Suzy Sheep

Samuel Vincent as Danny Dog

Harrison Mann as Pedro Pony

Jodi Benson as Rebecca Rabbit; Zoe Zebra; Emily Elephant

Rita Ora as Lisa Fox

Mikey Day as Freddy Fox

Tara Strong as Brianna Bear; Buggy

Kyle Rideout as Plant

Nick Jonas as Big Huge Chicken

Jerry Lewis as Catipillar


Mandy Pataken as Huxley

Vanessa Willams as Queen of Toys

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