Peppa: Hello, Charlie!

Charlie: Hi, Peppa!

Peppa: How's your mummy?

Charlie: Oh, she's pregnant.

Mummy Chipmunk: Mr. Chipmunk, I'm pregnant.

Daddy Chipmunk: Well, I'll take you to the hospital. (holds his wife's hand and walks away with her)

Peppa: Charlie, is your mummy having a baby?

Charlie: Yes, my friend.

(at hospital...)

Daddy Chipmunk: Nurse, is she all right?

Miss Rabbit: Yes. She's going to push now. Go ahead. Push, push, push. It's almost out. (finally, the baby pops out of Mummy Chipmunk's stomach) Well done, Mrs. Chipmunk!

Mummy Chipmunk: It's a girl.

Daddy Chipmunk: (gasps) A baby girl?!

Mummy Chipmunk: Why, hello, you sweet darling baby girl. She doesn't look like Zoe Zebra. What's her name, Daddy Chipmunk?

Daddy Chipmunk: Cindy Chipmunk.

Miss Rabbit: (writing on the notebook) Cindy Chipmunk.

Mummy Chipmunk: Hello, Cindy.

Cindy: Goo-goo-ga-ga. (giggles)

(six months later...)

Mummy Chipmunk: Cindy, this is Charlie. Charlie, meet Cindy.

Charlie: (gasps) Sister...

Mummy Chipmunk: See?

Mummy and Daddy Chipmunk: They already love each other.

Cindy: Car-wee...

Mummy Chipmunk: See, Charlie? Your baby sister said your name.

Charlie: My name?

Mummy Chipmunk: Yes.


Peppa: Charlie, would your sister like to sing?

Charlie: Okay!

Peppa and Charlie: (singing) I got a mule and her name is Sal...

Cindy: (singing) 15 miles on the erie canal.

Peppa and Charlie: (singing) She's a good old worker and a good old pal...

Cindy: (singing) 15 miles on the erie canal.

Peppa and Charlie: (singing) We hauled some barges in our day, filled with lumber, coal, and hay...

Cindy: (singing) Lumber, coal, and hay...

Peppa, Charlie, and Cindy: (singing) And we know every inch of the way, from Albany to Buffalo! Yay!

Cindy: Poopy! (poops on her diaper)

Peppa: Uh-oh, Charlie. Looks like Cindy's diaper needs changing.

Charlie: (holds his nose) Pee-yew! Mummy! My sister got a poopy on her diaper!

Mummy Chipmunk: Don't worry, Charlie. I'll change Cindy's diaper.

(seven minutes later...)

Mummy Chipmunk: There. See, Charlie? Your sister's diaper is good as new.

Cindy: Diapie all clean.

Peppa and Charlie: Aw...

Cindy: Me walk.

Peppa: Charlie, your sister wants to walk to you.

Charlie: Come on, sister. Come to Charlie.

Cindy: Eh... (walks one step to another) Walky-walky.

Peppa: Look, Charlie! She's walking!

Cindy: Me got first steps! Yay!

Charlie: See, Peppa? Cindy got her first steps.

Cindy: (hears her tummy rumbling) Ooh, me hungry.

Mummy Chipmunk: What's wrong, sweetie? Are you hungry? Come on. We'll give you a bottle.

(three and a half minutes later...)

Cindy: Yay! Me got bottle! (drinks from her bottle)

Peppa: Charlie, your sister got a bottle.

Cindy: (finishes her bottle) WAAAAAAAAH!!!

Charlie: There, Cindy. You're not supposed to cry. I'll make a funny face. (sways his tongue all around, and wiggles his ears) Eee-hee! Woo-woo! Peep-peep-peep!


Charlie: Don't worry, sister. I'll burp you.

Cindy: Urp!

Peppa: (gasps) Wow! She burped!

(at bedtime...)

Mummy Chipmunk: Oh, Cindy. Are you tired?

Cindy: Yes, Mummy. (yawns)

Mummy Chipmunk: (puts Cindy in her crib) I'll sing you a lullaby. (singing) Rock-a-bye, Cindy, Mummy's here, maybe I'll get some sleep by next year...

Charlie: (whispering) Good night, Cindy.

Cindy: (whispering) Nighty-night, Car-wee. (snores lightly)

Charlie: Peppa, go to my bed with me and sleep.

Peppa: Okay, Charlie... (yawns, then turns the light off)



This is the first appearance of Cindy Chipmunk.

Zoe Zebra is mentioned.

Air Date

August 11, 2011 (UK)

August 18, 2011 (USA)

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