Pepperika Pig: *laying on a stove* I want milk. *grabs out-of-date milk, then pours it in her mouth* GLUG GLUG GLUG *swallows the milk* Do I smell somethings burning? Eek! *pours Diet Coke everywhere, causing it to light a gas bomb*


Mummy Pig: *climbs out of bed* *low voice* Do I smell gas? *shouting* We have to evacuate! Let's get our gas masks on!

Daddy Pig: What the hell?

[Everyone puts on their gas masks and they run downstairs]

Cherie Pig: Darn it, the door is blocked by extremely poisonous fumes!

[They climb out of the window and Cherie drives to the centre of Peppatown]

Cherie Pig: Here's the fountain!

Mummy Pig: Where's Pepperika? *runs back inside and gets Pepperika, then goes back to the car* Pepperika, you go with your family or friends if there's a gas bomb! Gas bombs are extremely dangerous!

Cherie Pig: *drives the car into Peppatown Central Fountain*

[Stars form on the car]

Elly Pig: Ooh! Stars!

[The car comes out of a manhole in the real world]

[Everybody gets out]

Mummy Pig: You go to the hotel while I bring Pepperika to the hospital!

[cuts to the hospital bed]

Doctor: Pepperika has lung cancer due to gas fumes getting inside her lungs, and that disease is really dangerous!

Mummy Pig: Oh, dear!

[cuts to all the pigs in their hotel room]

Cherie Pig: That TV is awesome! *places a DVD in the DVD drive*

[Pepperika looks at them through her hospital room's window]

Peppa Pig: *waves at Pepperika*


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