The Cinema is an unreleased, direct-to-video episode that was banned on July 16, 2013, due to swearing. It will be included as a bonus episode on the Strangetown Secrets Platinum Edition DVD (exclusively made for Sallyish DVD players).


(Suzy opens the door)

Suzy: Hello Peppa!

Peppa: Hello Suzy! Today, we are going to the cinema!

Suzy: OK, let's go!

Peppa: But first, let's ask Mom, (walks to Mummy Pig)

Peppa: Mummy, can we go to the cinema.

Mummy Pig: Yes!

Peppa: OK!

Peppa: Pedro, Danny, and George, we're going to the cinema!

Pedro: OK, let's go!

(Peppa, Pedro, Danny, and George go to the cinema)

Peppa: Hello!

Miss Rabbit: Hello, what movie do you want to see?

Peppa: Mister Potato: The Movie!

Miss Rabbit: Okay! Here are your tickets!

(Peppa, George, Suzy, Pedro, and Danny go inside the movie and gets some popcorn slushies hot dogs drinks and candies for treats and walks into the door to watch the movie: Mister Potato: The Movie)

Peppa: Quickly, the movie's about to start!

(Beginning of Mister Potato: The Movie plays)

[shows a R18 rating]

Female voice: This film contains lots of gore, violence, s*x, nudity, language, and slurs. Also flirting.

Mr. Potato: F**k them dirty pocks. This f**kin' movie is bull**it.

Donald Trump: (to Oprah) We need to build a wall around Mr. Potato.

Mr. Potato: Are you too young to watch an R18 rated film? 

Everyone: No.

Random Adult: Yes.

Mr. Potato: If you are, you'll die.

Random Adult: Oh sh*t. *gets killed by Mister Potato*

Oprah: Mister Potato wanna have s*x?

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