[Peppa and the gang are spraying themselves in Peppa's backyard]

Granny Dog: No, kids! There's going to be a drought, so don't waste water!

Peppa: But it's a really hot day!

Granny Dog: Oh, it'll be a hotter day the day the drought starts!

Peppa: I suppose. :( *turns off tap*

[The gang goes around Peppatown and looks for somewhere to stay cool]

Peppa: How come Emily gets to go in that country club and we don't?

Emily: Because we need to relax....

Peppa: Awwr.

Tobias: *drives past in a country club car* Outta my way, pipsqueaks!

Peppa: Hey, Tobias! We're not pipsqueaks! We're old enough for playgroup!

The next morning....

Tobias: Peppa, you can't enter the country club because you're not a member.

Mummy Pig: That's not quite true, Tobias. YOU get to enter and YOU'RE not a member.

Tobias: That's because I used to work there.

Later, when they were back at the country club and the pool was empty....

Peppa: But it's so hot! We have to go in there!

Tobias: Okay, but under one condition. Fill up this bucket with tennis balls.

[Peppa and the gang fill the bucket up with tennis balls]

Peppa: Do we get in yet?

Tobias: No. Fill up all the buckets.

Danny: I don't care how many buckets I gotta fill. I'm goin' swimmin'.

[Peppa and the gang fill the rest of the buckets with tennis balls]

Peppa: *sighs* Do we get in yet?

Tobias: *fills the pool up with tennis balls* Well, I guess a deal's a deal.

[Peppa and the gang jump in, shocked to see it's full of tennis balls]

Peppa: But you promised we could go swimming!

Tobias: Yeah, but what I didn't promise was that you could go swimming with water in it!

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