Peppa Pig: Littlebat10?

Littlebat10: Yes Peppa?

Peppa: I'm bored. I'm bored of the world.

Littlebat10: To mai lab!

(spinning logo)

Mac+Cool: Let me get this straight... you want me to test my new machine on you? The one that goes to different wikis? That things untested! You could be blown to nothingness!

Littlebat10: It's been tested.

Mac+Cool: You don't know that!

Littlebat10: I have cameras in the lab.

Mac+Cool: How DARE you stalk on me! I am a writer on Pippa pork

(up close on Littlebat10's eyes and Mac+Cool's eyes while Mortal Combat theme plays)

(eye close up ends)

Both: (fight)


Mac+Cool: (faints)

2 hours later,

Mac+Cool: (wakes up) Fine. Use the machine. It's that pocket watch over there.

Littlebat10 and Peppa Pig: YEAH! (use the machine to go to the next wiki)

Next wiki: The Five Night's at Freddy's Fanon wiki

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