The Debit Card

Peppa: Mummy I am now 14! Now I can get a debit card!

Mummy Pig: Yes it does.

Daddy Pig: Congrats Peppa

George: Great!

Peppa: Lets go to the bank!

(At bank)

Peppa: Oh there is a very long line here!

Miss Rabbit: NEXT PLEASE!

Daddy Pig: This is gonna be a while.

*15 minutes later*

Miss Rabbit: Hello Peppa, George, Daddy and Mummy Pig.

Peppa: I am here to get a debit card!

Miss Rabbit: Ok first you have to answer these questions! *Hands piece of paper*

Peppa Pig: All these?

Miss Rabbit: Yes!

Peppa: Ok, I'm done!

Miss Rabbit: Great. Oh dear!

Mummy Pig: What is Miss Rabbit?

Miss Rabbit: I forgot the password to make a debit card. Now you can't get o- oh wait nevermind it is "DEBIT CARD 101!

Peppa: Um ok.


Miss Rabbit: Here you go Peppa.




  • This is the first episode of The All Grown Up Series.
  • Peppa is now voiced by Lilly Snowden-Fine and George is voiced by Alicia May.
  • This episode aired on Nickelodeon.

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