Oh it's me, pokefanmx115, my fandom series were bad, also im too lazy to even make this page, so now, you can continue the series by yourself, or even change the whole thing!, ok no, just keep making the series, this is a story that i just decided to make cuz' wanna do something


Mrs sheep: ok suzy, it's time to sleep

Suzy: ok mummy *falls asleep*

*Suzy enters a 3D plataforms world*

Suzy: mmm... this reminds me of something, don't know what

*Suzy walks and jumps into a plataform*

???: Suzy!

Suzy: (scared) uh, who are you?

???: you know who i am

Suzy: (more scared) uh, n-no...

???: follow me then

Suzy: but, i can't see you

???: follow my voice, follow it...

*Suzy walks and falls into a hole*

Suzy: ow, that hurted

???: keep following my voice suzy...

Suzy: uh, what is that

???: you are walking through the mystical hill

Suzy: why is there tiny people afraid of me?

???: you might think you are on your real size, but actually you are like 10 meters

Suzy: wow

???: ok, keep following me

Suzy: how much do we have to walk

???: the enough to get to our destiny

Suzy: is there some sort of magic transport

???: im not the magician you think, i don't do magic

Suzy: can we do something at last

???: nothing until we finally arrive

Suzy: i can see something in the sky

???: oh you found me, now that you did found me i can tell you my name, my name is nobody

Suzy: the creepy dude

nobody: yes im, would you like to count to 10 while we arrive to our destination