After Peppa and Mrs. Cat speculate that the source of the radio signal Jam could be the answer to the Dome's Origin, they are led to Danny and Suzy.Meanwhile Penny seeks help after escaping from Edmond


(the scene opens up to show what the Missile did to the Dome,and how nothing happened to the Inside)

(Everyone is coming out of the Cement Factory)

Daddy Pig: (gasps) Everything is Fine!

Grandad Dog: I advise everyone to stay away from the Dome! Remember what happened to Mr. Rabbit previsouly?

(Everyone nods their heads)

Mrs. Zebra: (gasps when she sees Grampy Rabbit's body) Oh No! (she rushes over and discovers that he is gone) I wonder what happened?

Granpa Pig: Uh, Grandad Dog?

Grandad Dog: Yes, Grandpa Pig?

Grandpa Pig: Are we safe? I mean, look what happened to him! (points to Grampy Rabbit's Body) What are gonna do?

Grandad Dog: Alright, Just Calm Down! Look I'm sure-

Townsperson Goat: We're Runni'n out of Supplies!

Townsperson Horse: And It's Gonna be The Death of Us!

Mrs. Zebra: (tries to call her deputies but realizes her Walkie Talkie has gone out) Oh.Pedro! I need some help over here

Pedro: Alright (rushes over and helps Mrs. Zebra lift up the Body)

(the scene then switches back to Penny's House, where Edmond is growing more menacing)

Edmond: Penny! Don't You Understand?! 

Penny: No! Leave me Alone!

Edmond: But I'll take care of you! Besides listen to this! (gets up close to Penny) And I, will always, LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!

Penny: AH! (Penny grabs a Snowglobe and hits Edmond with it)

Edmond: Ah! (Edmond falls to the ground and Penny runs off)

(The scene then switches to Mrs. Sheep, who s driving down the Road, and is getting hot)

Mrs. Sheep: Why does it have to be so hot today! Ah! I don't think I can see much longer! (Mrs. Sheep turns the wrong way and into a left lane) Alright, t-this should get me-(sees a Big Truck heading toward her) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Truck Driver: AHHHHHH! (He veers off the Road and crashes into the Peppatown Water Tower)

Truck Driver: Oh No! It's Time! (looks up into the Sky and grabs his chest) I'm Comi'n Elizibeth! (he passes out and then Mrs. Zebra and Pedro arrive)

Pedro: Mrs. Zebra! There's Someone in The Truck!

Mrs. Zebra: Let's Get Him Out!

(Mrs. Zebra and Pedro get the Driver out and drag him away from the Scene)

Truck Driver: (wakes up and looks into the sky) I'm Not Com'in Elizibeth!

(The scene then switches to Mr. Fox at his shop)

Mr. Fox: (tampering with the Radio) I'm getting only feedback from this thing! For it to have such a Strong Interference, it must be coming from inside this Dome!

Mrs. Cat: (goes to one of the machine and rigs it) I think the Dome's preserving it to preverse itself from the Missile.I think that if I can find the Source,I can turn it off!

Mr. Fox: I think your right!

(the scene then switches to Pedro and Mrs. Zebra, who have gone to check the Lake's Water)

(They see that there are Dead Fish floating on the Surface)

Pedro: (gasps) I've never seen such a H-Horrible Sight!

Mrs. Zebra: Me neither! This Water's Been contaminated! I think it's polluted with Methane!

Pedro: I think your right!

Mrs. Zebra: I think we should show this to Grandad Dog! (Mrs. Zebra uses a Bucket and gets some of the Water Out)

Pedro: Yeah.

(Mrs. Zebra and Pedro take the Bucket of Water to Grandad Dog's Garage)

Grandad Dog: What happened to the Water?!

Mrs. Zebra: It got produced with Methane, Released from the Earth after the Missile hit.

Grandad Dog: We'll, that's not gonna please those people out there, They can't drink it like this!

Mrs. Zebra: It needs to be filtered!

Pedro: Y-Yes.

Grandad Dog: I know where the Artisan Wells are! They're right under Grandpa Pig's Place!

Mrs. Zebra: They are?

Grandad Dog: Yes.I volunteer to go talk to him!

(The scene then switches to Penny, who is running in the Woods)

Penny: Where am I gonna find Saftey out here?!

(The scene then switches to Grandad Dog, who is walking toward Grandpa Pig's, when suddenly Edmond runs up to him)

Grandad Dog: (sighs) What do you want Edmond?!?!

Edmond: B-Boss, It's Penny, I can't find her!

Grandad Dog: Well, you better go find her before she tells people about what you did to her1

Edmond: Uh-Oh! Your Right! I'd better go! (Edmond runs off)

(the scene then switches to a Store, where a bunch of people are waiting)

Mr. Antelope: (sighs) I told you that the only payment I can accept is batteries and Propane!

Greg Goat: I don't believe it! Your Money's No Good Now! I have Cash! In fact, I'll prove it! I'll call Strickland Propane! (he pulls out his phone and calls them)

Hank Hill: Hello! Strickland Propane!, What is it that you need at your service?

Greg Goat: I need Propane to prove to this Stupid Store Owner that I have cash!

Hank Hill: Alright, We'll need your name.What is it?

Greg Goat: Greg Goat

Hank Hill: (writes down the name) Alright, where is the propane to be delievered to?

Greg Goat: Peppatown!

Hank Hill: Oh, sorry, We don't deliever to Foreign Towns, We Only Deliever to TEXAS! (He angrily hangs up)

Mr. Strickland: Hank, What was that all about?

Hank Hill: Some Foreign Guy called asking for Propane!

(the scene then switches back to the Line outside the store)

Greg Goat: (hangs up with the Phone angrily) Well, I still need cash!

(Mrs. Zebra and Pedro walk up)

Mrs. Zebra: What's Going On?

Mr. Antelope: I'm just trying to explain reality to these people, look I can't feed my family with money no one's going to take.

Mrs. Zebra: Oh, I see.

Greg Goat: (Angrily) This Is Starting to Get Weird! (He angrily walks up to Mr. Antelope) This is A Scam!

Mr. Antelope: No it's not and-

Greg Goat: YOU LISTEN TO ME! (Greg angrily pushes Mr. Antelope)

Mr. Antelope: What's your problem man?

Greg Goat: I WANT CASH! (Greg prepares to throw a Punch at him but Mrs. Zebra gets in between them)

Mrs. Zebra: Alright, Now Greg, I suggest you calm down and get batteries from someone else! Does Anyone have batteries they can loan to Greg?

Unnamed Cat: I will!

(The Unnnamed Cat gives the batteries to Greg)

Greg: Thank You!

Mr. Antelope: Would you like to come in my store?

Greg: Yes.

(the scene then switches to Grandad Dog, who has gone to Grandpa Pig's House)

Grandad Dog: I need your help, Granpa Pig!

Grandpa Pig: What is it?

Grandad Dog: I need a favor done.

Grandpa Pig: Hummm...(thinks for a minute) Well I hate to see my old friend,licking his wounds like a Sea Dog! So I'll be brief.Earlier you said we should be working together, But you see,I got the Well.And unless I'm wrong,I got more crops than you townies, and now I got the Propane.So unless you want your beloved Peppatown to starve to death you'll toe the line.You see, it's my turn to have my hand wrapped around this sweaty town's neck.So from now on when I say "Jump" you say "How High"? Didn't I say it was a Nice Dawn this morning?

Grandad Dog: (Grumbles) But this town's gonna starve to death without water!

Grandpa Pig: Remember What I said?!

Grandad Dog: (Angrily) Fine!

Grandpa Pig: Remember seven years ago? I lost Seven Acres of Farm in a Council Vote Fifteen years ago! And you didn't side with me, seadog! You'll pay!

Grandad Dog: Wait! How about this? I give you Propane, You give me the Water?

Granpa Pig: (puts his hand to his chin and thinks) Alright! But You Had Better Had It!, Or Else Your Gonna Be Sorry!

Grandad Dog: Alright, Fair Deal.

(the scene then switches to Mrs. Zebra)

Mrs. Zebra: (spots Edmond) Edmond! Come Here!

Edmond: (stops the car) What is it? I'm looking for Penny?

Mrs. Zebra: We need help!

Edmond:(gets out of the car) Uh-Oh!

(Edmond see that the Town has descended into chaos)


Mrs. Zebra: Stop this Madness Right Now!

Townsperson Dog: Who said we had to listen to you? SUPPLIES!

Simon Squirrel: (Angrily) What is you People's Problems?!?!


Pedro: AHHHHHH! (Pedro sees a Huge Crowd of People running toward him as they loot a Hardware Store)

Edmond: Would You People Just Calm Down!?!?!!

Group of Townpeople: NO! (they throw a chair through a store and break into it and Edmond runs after them)

(Mrs. Zebra, Pedro,Edmond,and Simon Squirrel try to stop the riots)

(the scene then switches to Suzy, who is trying to find Insulin to help her mom)

Suzy: (looks through files in hospitial to find other diabectics who might have insulin) Okay,Not that one! Okay not that one!, Okay not that One! Peter Griffin is a diabetic? Definetly Not that One! Not that One! Oh, Here's One!

(the scene then switches to Peppa and Mrs. Cat, who are driving around town, trying to find the Power Source, but realizes it's moving)

Mrs. Cat: It's That Way!

Peppa: To the Source! (They drive down a Empty Street)

(The scene then switches to Penny, who has finally made it into Town)

Penny: Whew! I'm finally here! And this place has sure gone into-(She sees Edmond) OH NO! NOT HIM AGAIN! (Penny hurriedly runs to The Diner)

Edmond: Come Back To Papa! (runs after her)

(Penny runs into Mrs. Cow's DIner)

Mrs. Cow: Is Something Wrong?

Penny: Yes! It is Edmond! He is after Me! And-I...I had to get away!....He locked me up in a Shelter for who knows how long! Then he kept me in there and someone finally let me out! G-Grandad Dog let me out thankfully! but then this Morning Edmon again and chased me until I didn't see him, and when I finally got back into town,Just now! Edmond saw me...And now he's after me again!

Mrs. Cow: (Gasps) Don't Worry, I won't let anything happen!

(the scene then switches to Danny and Suzy, who are running up to the House of a Diabetic, who they found in the Hospitial Files)

Danny: It's Locked!

Suzy: I have a Idea! (picks up a chair and throws it into the WIndow)

Danny: Yes!

(Danny and Suzy prepare to go in but they hear a Shotgun cock)

Mr. Lion: *growls* Now go on, get out of here.Before I blow your heads off.Or Worst eat you! I'd love to be eatin a dog and a sheep right about this time!

Suzy: B-But we need the Insulin! My Mom is getting sick and she needs this.So I was going to take yours!

Danny: Yeah!

Mr. Lion: *roars* I took my last dose yesterday! Now get off my property! NOW! Or else...(licks his lips) face the consequences!

(Danny and Suzy back away nervously and run away)


(The scene then switches back to The Town, where a crowd is becoming more and more rowdy outside a Store)

Townsperson Dog: TAKE THIS! (He angrily throws a Trash Can through a Window)

Townspeople: SUPPLIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (they storm into the store and the store Owner and Employes start fighting them)

Store Owner: IDIOTS! *throws a punch at somebody*

(Pandemonium breaks out and people start stealing and fighting)

Townspeople: *lots of ruckus and yelling* AGGGGH! WE WANT SUPPLIES NOWWWWW!

(Pedro attempts to stop someone but the Guy turns around angrily)

Townsperson White Cat: Take This! *punches Pedro*

Pedro: (scared) AH! (Pedro attempts to fight back but the White Cat is much much stronger than him)

Townsperson White Cat: NOW TAKE THIS! *punches Pedro again* AND THIS! *pushes Pedro down and starts throwing punches randomly at Pedro* AND THIS! AND THIS! AND THIS! AND THIS! AND THIS! AND NOW-THIS! *puts his hand over Pedro's Mouth and plans to suffocate him* THIS"LL TEACH YOU NOT TO MESS WITH ME!

Pedro: (muffeld) uhhmff....hulp! h/!...humph..........moo! (starts yelling ahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!Hulp Me! Hulp Me! Hulp Me! Hulp ME! White Cat starts to put his hand over Pedro's Mouth harder)

Townsperson White Cat: *smiles evilly* Serves you right! You should have known not to mess with me! Now I'm Gonna-(Mrs. Zebra arrives and pushes him out of the way by hitting him with her gun) AGH! (The White Cat falls over and is heard yelling insults)

Mrs. Zebra: Pedro! Are you okay?

Pedro: (wearily) I-I'm Fine...I think so anyway! He didn't get me that hard since I b-blocked some of it.

(Mrs. Zebra cuffs the White Cat)

Townsperson White Cat: *starts yelling* IDIOTS! YOU"RE ALL IDIOTS!

(the scene then switches back to the Diner)

Mrs. Cow: So far, he hasn't come yet.I think we'll be safe here Penny and-

(Mark and Matthew Mongoose suddenly break in)

Mark: Give Us What You Got!


Mrs. Cow: Stop! The Both of You! What are you doing in here?!

Mark and Matthew: We...Want....FOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!

Mark: We Want What's Left in This Whole Diner!

Mrs. Cow: I am sorry, but I only have a small portion of food left, and I want to save it for the Whole Town!

Penny: Yeah, More Hungry People really need that food, and It's people that really really need it! Or Else the Town will starve!

Mark and Matthew: (Angrily) WHAT?!?!?!

Mark: We'll just Take It Then!

Matthew: Yeah!

(The two head over to the Freezer and prepare to open it but Mrs. Cow stops them)

Mrs. Cow: I can't let you have it! I am sorry, but the people of the Town need it! There are some people out there who need it more than you! The Only Reason why You want it is just because you're acting like your Hungry and just so you can have it and not share it with anyone else!

Mark: (Angrily) Oh Yeah?!?!?

Mrs. Cow: I'm sorry but-What are you doing-

Mark: Giving you what's right! *hits Mrs. Cow in the face and then opens the Freezer* Where's The Food?!?! WHERE'S THE FOOD!!?!?!?!?!? *He picks up his Baseball Bat* Tell Me Or Else.....YOU'LL PAYYYYYYYYYYY!

Penny: Leave Her Alo-(Penny rushes over to stop Mark but Matthew holds his hand over her mouth) 

Matthew: Not Gonna Happen! *starts laughing hysterically*

Mrs. Cow: I swear, it's in the Lower Part of the Freezer!

Mark: (opens the lower part of the Freezer and discovers that it's filled to the brim with Food) YES! And If I let you go you'll stop me! But YOU"RE Nothing to US! *gets ready to strike with his baseball bat* Selfish Food Hater!

Mrs. Cow: I am not a Selfish Food Hater! And you put that thing down or-

Mark: SELFISH FOOD HATERRRRRRRR! *starts hitting Mrs. Cow with the baseball bat repeatedly until she's not moving* Heheheheheheheh! No One's Gonna Miss That Old Cow!

Matthew: Heheheheheheheheheheheheh! *keeps his hand covered over Penny's Mouth*

Mark: *grabs a big piece of bread out of the freezer and walks over to Penny* Now I'm Gonna Get YOU!!!! *Mark puts the bread down and prepares to kiss Penny but he hears someone coming* UH-OH!

(Pedro walks in the Diner)

Pedro: (Nervously) W-What are Y-YOU two doing?! And W-What are You doing w-with her!?!?! (Pedro goes over to them and is about to whack them but they see him and start getting scared)

Mark: We'd better get out of here Matthew! Or Else People's Gonna Start Suspecting Things!

Matthew: *nods his head and let's go of Penny* Let's Go!

(Mark and Matthew bolt out of The Diner and run over Pedro in the process)

Pedro: (nervously) W-What happened?

Penny: T-they got Mr-rs. Cow..And started trying to get me!

Pedro: (nervously) *gasps* Are you okay?

Penny: Thankfully, I am.But they got Mrs. Cow!

Pedro: Oh No! (Pedro sees what happened) Don't worry I'll g-get help If I c-can.

(The scene then switches outside, where Peppatown has descended into more chaos)

Townspeople: *break down a store door and go again* SUPPLIES! SUPPLIES! WE WANT SUPPLIES!


(the tear Gas floods into the Town but it has no effect)

Townspeople: *run out of the store and then rush into a Grocery Store* SUPPLIES! WE MUST HAVE SUPPLIES! *tear down the Walls* SUPPLIES!

Miss. Rabbit: AHHHHHHHH! *gets run over by the group of townspeople* HELP MEEEEEEE!

Mrs. Zebra: *puts her hand over her face and shakes it* Will It Ever Stop?!?!?!?!?!

(the scene then switches to Peppa and Mrs. Cat, who are still driving around Town, looking for the Signal)

Peppa: Hey! I think we're getting close to it!

Mrs. Cat: Horray!

(the scene then switches to The Mr. Potato show on TV)

Mr. Potato: De-Rector Have you heard those Riots out there?

Director: Yes, I'm afraid so.

Mr. Potato: Was iz it all about?

Director: Supplies.

Mr. Potato: I Have a idea! *puts on a Detective hat and picks up a Magnifying Glass* I will solve the mystery of.......Um, Director get ready to cue dramatic music!

Director: Alright! *gets ready to cue Dramatic Music*

Mr. Potato: The Miss-Ing Supplies!

Director: *cues Dramtatic Music that goes "Dun..Dun...DUN!"*

Mr. Potato: YeSS! Now I will go find them! *starts randomly looking around the stuido and spots supplies* I Found Theem!

Director: *facepalm*

(the scene then switches to Danny and Suzy, who are trying to get in anothr Diabetic's House)

Danny: We're Here! *turns the door handle and discovers it is unlocked* Alright! *silent voice* Let's Go!

Suzy: *whispers* Okay!

(The two go into the house and start looking)

Suzy: There it is! *spots the Insulin on a Shelf and picks it up*

Danny: Alright let's Go!

Young Goat: W-what H-happened)

(Danny and Suzy turn around and find a Small Young Goat coming down the stairs)

Suzy: He is only a Small Boy, here (hands it back to Danny) he needs it more

(The scene then switches to show Mrs. Goat, who is fighting in the Riots)

Mrs. Goat: I Need This Water!

Mrs. Ferret: WHAT!?!? I need it more than YOU! (points to Mrs. Goat angrily)

Mrs. Goat: (gasps horrificly) You Take That BACK! I need it for My Son! Gress! He Is Sick and Needs It! BAD!

Mrs. Ferret: I STILL Need it More Than YOU! (grabs the water bottle and Mrs. Goat engages into a fight with her)

Mrs. Goat: MINE!

Mrs. Ferret: MINE!

(Mrs. Zebra quickly runs up and stops them)

Mrs. Zebra: You Two are Behaving Like Children! Stop This Nonsense Right Now!

Mrs. Goat: She Started It!

Mrs. Ferret: NO! SHE started IT! 

Mrs. Zebra: Alright! Alright! Let's Just Break This Up!

Mrs. Goat: I'm going Home! *turns around and walks back home but gives Mrs. Ferret a Mean Glare*

Mrs. Ferret: *gulps nervously*

(It then switches back to the home where Danny and Suzy are)

Danny: *puts back the Insulin but takes 1 Vial from It* This should be enough

Suzy: Alright.Let's Get Out of-

(Suddenly Mrs. Goat comes into the House)

Mrs. Goat: (Angrily) WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!?!?!?!?! GET OUT!! NOW!!!!!

Suzy: (Nervously) Well, Uh you see- (Her and Danny Start to walk backwards toward the back door)

Mrs. Goat: (Angrily) GET OVER HERE GRESS! *Gress walks over and gets behind her* NOW AS FOR YOU TWO! (points to danny and suzy) I SUGGEST YOU GET OUT NOW! OR I'LL CALL THE COPS! *picks up a Phone* I'M NOT BLUFFING! I'M SERIOUS! 

(Suzy and Danny run out of the house at a very high speed)

(Suzy and Danny run faster down the street and Peppa and Mrs. Cat drive up to them)

Mrs. Cat: The Signal's Geting Stronger! (Looks at Danny and Suzy) I think the Interderence is coming from you guys!

Suzy and Danny: *gasp*

Peppa: *gasps* That is strange!

(It then switches To Grandad Dog, who has arrived on Grandpa Pig's Property with Propane Tanks)

(Grandpa Pig comes out of his house and gasps)

Grandpa Pig: You brought it?!?!?!?!

Grandad Dog: Yes I Did! Now! Deals a Deal?, Or am I just Gonna Have To Take The Water!?!! *laughs*

Grandpa Pig: *Angrily* I'll shoot you If You Show Up Without Propane!

Grandad Dog: *scoffs and laughs*

(It then switches back to Danny,Suzy,Mrs. Cat,and Peppa)

Danny: You know, It might be because of the Seizures!

Mrs. Cat and Peppa: Seizures?

Suzy: Yeah! Show them the Video.

Danny: Alright *pulls out his camera and shows it to Mrs. Cat and Peppa*

Danny and Suzy: (On the Video) Green Stars Are Falling! Green Stars Are Falling In LInes!

Mrs. Cat and Peppa: *gasps*

Peppa: That IS Strange!

(It then switches back to Town, where The People are still rioting)

Conveince Store Owner: At least they haven't got to me yet-

Group of Townspeople: WE WANT SUPPLIES! WE WANT SUPPLIES! *break into The Convience Store and start storming it*

Convience Store Owner: *cringes* Apa Yang Anda Orang Gila MELAKUKAN! *gets knocked out by a Flying Trash Can Lid* Ohhhhhhh....*falls onto the ground unconsious*

Group Of Townspeople: MORE SUPPLIES!!!! *start grabbing chip bags and drink bottles but other greedy people start pummeling them*

Townsperson Red Jackal: GOODAYE MATE! *knocks a Horse with a Water bottle out* MINE!

(The Townspeople outside are pummeling each other outside as well)

(The scene then switches to Another Store that The Townspeople have stormed)

Group of Townspeople: OURS! *start stealing stuff out of the Store*

Mrs. Ferret: MINE! *grabs a Chip Bag and gets ready to eat it but A Grey Dog grabs it* GIVE IT BACK!

Townsperson Grey Dog: DON"T THINK SO! *prepares to eat them but Pedro runs up and stops him*

Pedro: (nervously) S-Stop It N-Now!

Townsperson Grey Dog: What Are YOU Gonna Do LIttle Man?!?! *laughs sarcastically*

Pedro: (Nervously and angrily) That Was A MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pedro picks up a Broken Pipe and prepares to whack him but Simon Squirrel and Mrs. Zebra and Edmond stop him)

Simon: STOP! Don't Do It Pedro!

Edmond: STOP!

Mrs. Zebra: Don't Do It! He's Not Worth It *gives the Grey Dog a Mad Look*

Townsperson Grey Dog: Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh! *Mrs. Zebra angrily cuffs him*

(Outside more chaos is ensuing)

Daddy Pig: (While He's fighting a Group of Mad People) Risin' Up back on the street, Took my time,took my chances-*One of the Mad People kicks him* You Shouldn't Have Done That! You've Messed with the Wrong Person!

Mad Person: Oh have we? *laughs*

Daddy Pig: *glares at the Mad Person* SNORTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! *Daddy Pig sends 3 of the Mad People flying backwards into a Wall and the last one reamaing runs off yelling*

Daddy Pig: It's All In A Day's Work! *laughs*

Townsperson Dog: WE ARE THE PEOPLE! WE ARE THE WORLDDDDDDD! *throws a Punch at somebody*

Group of Townspeople: WE! WANT! MORE! SUPPPPPPPPLIES! (They look at the Last Store Left that hasn't been broken into that much and they form evil grins on their faces)


Store Owner: AH! *hides behind the counter*  Not Me! Not Me! *picks up a double-barrell shotgun* I'M THE LAST STANDING STORE! AND I'M NOT GONNA GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! *sees the Angry Crowd approaching 100 feet away and cocks the Shotgun* I SWEAR! WHEN YOU IDIOTS START BREAKING INTO THIS STORE I'M GONNA START FIRING!

(The Group of Townspeople seem to not care and keep approaching)

Mrs. Zebra: (Sees more chaos ensuing to other stores and decides to go to more Extreme Measures) THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH! *pulls out her gun and prepares to fire at crazed people*

(The Townspeople have finally reached the store and they prepare to break the Window)

Store Owner: I WARNED YOU IDIOTS! AND YOU DIDN'T LISTEN! NOW I'M GONNA GETCHA! *He fires the Shotgun but the bullet misfires and hits the store owner instead* Oof! (falls onto the Ground unconcious)

(The Group of Townspeople outside start trying to break down the door when they find the Window Glass is Unbreakable, but then it starts to rain)

(The Other Townspeople see this and they stop fighting and pummeling each other)

(All Of the Townspeople look up into the sky and smile and then start singing)

Townspeople: Keeper of the stars, lord of time and space ,I will live my,Lifting up your name,Lover of my heart,God who came to save,Thank You for the Cross,And the life you gave,Wonderful Powerful,Jesus is your name,Hallelujiah Jesus,Hallelujiah Jesus,Hallelujiah Jesus,You are The Everlasting God,Hallelujiah Jesus,Hallelujiah Jesus,Halleljuiah Jesus,My Lord Beautiful You are,You are so Wonderful You Are,HALLELUJIAH JESUS! WONDERFUL POWERFUL YOU ARE! HALLELUJIAH JESUS!

(They then stop singing that and when it starts to rain even more they break out into singing again)

Townspeople: (they raise thier arms in the air and start swaying back and forth) This little light of mine! I'm gonna let it shine! This Little Light Of Mine! I'm Gonna Let It Shine! This Little Light of Mine! I'm Gonna Let It Shine! Let It Shine! Let It Shine! Let In Shine!

(It then shows Mr. Potao outside his studio singing)

Mr. Potato: Theese Leetle Lite of Mine! I'm Gonna Leet It Shine! Theese Little Lite of Mine! I'm Gonna Let It Shine! Theese Little Lite of Mine! I'm Gonna Leete It Shine! Leet It Shine! Leet It Shine! (starts dancing)

Director: (Voice Only) Come Back In! I Know It's a Mirical and,believe me, I was dancing earlier as well! But please come back in! We Only Got like, 56 Miniutes of Screening Time Left!

Mr. Potato: Alright, De-Rector! (dances back into the Studio)

(It then switches to Danny,Suzy,Peppa and Mrs. Cat have come to the Dome)

(Danny and Suzy touch the Dome)

Mrs. Cat: My Radio's Working Again! The Signal's Unjammed!

Peppa: It's a Mirical! The Dome protected us! And Just When We Needed Water, It Rained!

Mrs. Cat: Horray! *cheers*

Peppa: Mrs. Cat, We Must Not Tell ANYONE about Danny and Suzy and the Seizues,Or else we'll be in Danger!

Mrs. Cat: That's true.We won't.

(It then switches back to Town, where everyone is catching the Rainwater in buckets)

(It then also shows that The Rainwater is filitering The Rain Water, so it's safe to drink now)

(It then shows Suzy bringing the Insulin to Mrs. Sheep)

Mrs. Sheep: *takes the Insulin* T-Thank You

Suzy: Your Welcome.

(It then shows Pedro, walking in the rain alone)

Pedro: *humming*

Peppa: Hello Pedro! (runs up to Pedro and kisses him)

Pedro: Ah! (Pedro faints but gets back up)

Pedro: (nervously) T-Thnaks about that.

Peppa: Your Welcome.

(It then shows Penny, who wakes up on Grandad Dog's Couch)

Penny: Uhmmfu......What Happened?

Grandad Dog: I'm sorry.But Mrs. Cow didn't make it.

Penny: *gasps*

Grandad Dog: Your Free To Leave.But we're gonna have to come to an arrangement about Edmond.

Penny: Oh?

Grandad Dog: I've always known something was off with him, ever since he came here.

Penny: I coulda already told ya that.

Grandad Dog: But, I will promise you this: Edmond will never touch you again.And if you ever need anything Propane,Food,Water,a Gun,etc. I'll give it to you, if you keep quiet.

Penny: Will Danny Be Taken Care Of Too?

Grandad Dog: I can promise you that as well.

Penny: Alright.But I'll have to think of The Arramangement with Edmond.

Grandad Dog: Alright.Take All The TIme You need!


(Suddenly Edmond opens the door)

Edmond: *gasps* What the Heckler!

(Episode ends)


Pedro Pony

Peppa Pig

Mrs. Zebra

Penny Dog

Edmond Elephant

Danny Dog

Mr. Fox

Mrs. Cat

Candy Cat

Grandad Dog

Mrs. Sheep

Suzy Sheep

Mrs. Cow

Granny Pig

Grandpa Pig

Nurse Opposum

Simon Squirrel

Mark Mongoose

Matthew Mongoose

Greg Goat

Mrs. Ferret

Mrs. Goat

Mr. Moose

Mr. Lion

Mr. Antelope

Gress Goat

Hank Hill

Mr. Strickland

Nurse Bear

Mr. Potato

Director (Voice Only)

Townsperson White Cat

Townsperson Dog

Townsperson Goat

Unnamed Cat Miller

Unnamed Looter

Unnamed Australian Jackal

Unnamed Horse Looter

Townsperson Grey Dog

Unnamed Brown Cat

Unnamed Bear

Unnamed Rhino

Unnamed Brown Dog

Unnamed Goat

Unnamed Horse

Peter Griffin (Picture seen in one of the Hospital Diabetic's Files)

Grampy Rabbit (body seen at the beginning of the Episode and later seen being carried away)

Mr. Rabbit (mentioned)

Mummy Pig (cameo)

George (cameo)

Daddy Pig (cameo)

Conveience Store Owner

Unnamed Bread Store Owner

3 Mad Men

Miss Rabbit

Hardware Store Owner

Truck Driver

Several Unnamed Townspeople


  • References:
  1. Before he passes out in the Truck, The Truck Driver starts shouting "I'm comi'n Elizabeth!" this may be a Reference to Sanford and Son
  2. When Greg Goat becomes fed up with The Store Owner not letting him buy anything, he calls Strickland Propane from King Of The Hill to see if they'll send him a box of Propane.
  3. Peter Griffin is one of the Diabetics that is in the Hospitial Files that Suzy Sheep is looking through.
  4. Mr. Lion resembles Scar from The Lion King.
  5. Matthew Mongoose's Laugh sounds like Ed from Ed,Edd,n Eddy.
  6. Daddy Pig starts singing Eye of the Tiger before he gets interuppted by one of the Mad Men.
  7. Edmond Elephant starts singing I Will Always Love You before he gets hit with a Snowglobe by Penny.
  8. After the Riots end Everyone starts singing Hallejuiah Jesus and then they start singing This Little Light of Mine.
  9. When The Group of Townspeople spot the last remaning Store they haven't robbed yet, they start singing a parody of We Will Rock You.
  • Mrs. Cat has a Bigger Appearance than she has previously.
  • It is Unknown why Peter Griffin is listed as a Diabetic in the hospitail Files, although it could be a Joke one of the Doctors put in there.
  • This is The First Appearance of Mark and Matthew Mongoose.
  • Simon Squirrel has a Bigger Role in this Episode.
  • In this Episode Mummy Pig has one cameo near the end,George is seen after the Riots end, and Daddy Pig is seen fighting a group of Mad Men, and then seen singing with the Town at the end.
  • The 4 Mad Men are a Cat,a Croc, a Dog, and a Jackal.
  • Characters who pass in this Episode:
  1. Mrs. Cow
  2. The 3 Mad Men (presumably)
  3. The Bread Store Owner (presumably)
  • Danny and Suzy are presumably a Way of Connection of the Dome.As the signal led to them.
  • Daddy Pig appears to be so loud that he can blow people away.This was also proven in Several Canon Episodes.
  • The Convience Store Owner Appeared Again in this Episode.However He had a Very Minor Role.
  • The Jackal that knocks the Horse Looter out is Austrailian.
  • Presumbably at least 5 People were killed in the Riots.Although The Bread Store Owner and the Mad Men's Fates are Unknown.
  • The Mad Men wear black suits and Ski Masks and appear to be robbers.
  • In truth, Grampy Rabbt was alive in this Episode, however he was killed before any of the Plot started.
  • This marks Miss Rabbit's First Appearance.
  • Grandpa Pig has more of a Role in this Episode.
  • Gress Goat appears to be slightly smaller than George.

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