The kids in the cafeteria

.This episode is about the time unhealthy foods were omitted from the list of foods the playgroup cafeteria sells and replaced by things like carrot sticks, oatmeal sultana cookies and energy drinks.


Madame Gazelle: CIRCLE TIME!!! *rings bell*

[The kids gather for circle time]

Madame Gazelle: So, I just need to tell you that, from this lunch time on, our current cafeteria foods like potato crisps, chocolate chip cookies and fizzy pop will be replaced by new items like carrot sticks, oatmeal sultana cookies and energy drinks.

Peppa: Awwr. But I love chocolate chip cookies.

Madame Gazelle: Any questions?

Suzy: *puts her hand up*

Madame Gazelle: Yes, Suzy?

Suzy: Is there still Fruti Candy? Are there still cinnamon swirls?

Madame Gazelle: Sorry, Suzy, but no. All right, kids! Lunch! *rings bell*

[The kids go to the cafeteria]

Peppa: Well, I should try an oatmeal sultana cookie. Can I please have an oatmeal sultana cookie?

Mrs. Mouse: Okay. That'll be five dollars.

Peppa: Okay. *gives the cafeteria owner five dollars*

Mrs. Mouse: Here's your oatmeal sultana cookie. *gives Peppa an oatmeal sultana cookie*

Peppa: *bites the oatmeal sultana cookie* These sultanas are horrible! They hurt my teeth. Well, I guess I'll just have to eat around the sultanas. *eats around the sultanas in the oatmeal sultana cookie* Hey, those energy drinks look good! How much is an energy drink?

Mrs. Mouse: Free!

Peppa: Good! *gets an energy drink and drinks it* Suzy, Danny, Pedro! You've got to try this energy drink! It's for free!

Suzy: But I remember the days of fizzy pop.

Danny: C'mon, Suzy! It looks awesome to me.

Suzy: Okay.

[Suzy, Danny and Pedro drink the energy drink]

Suzy: Delicious!

Danny: Yeah!

Pedro: Energy drink. Interesting.

Emily: That energy drink looks horrible!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Emily: I'm never drinking that! No wonder they don't sell it in African villages!

After lunch....

Madame Gazelle: Right. Who can count to three?

Peppa: *bangs on the floor*

Danny: *scratches himself*

Pedro: *flicks his lips*

Madame Gazelle: Erm, kids?

Emily: I know. That horrible energy drink must have made them hyperactive.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Madame Gazelle: Well, we'll have to ban it from the playgroup.

Peppa: NOOOOO!!

[A truck with more cans of energy drink arrives]

Truck Driver: Here's the energy drink for your playgroup, Madame Gazelle.

Madame Gazelle: No, no, no. It made the kids hyperactive. Take it back. *gives truck driver the cans of energy drink she already has*

Truck Driver: Well, here's your money back. *gives Madame Gazelle her money back and drives off*

Peppa: But I really liked that energy drink!

Madame Gazelle: You can still have it, but only sometimes.

Peppa: Hooray!

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: Yeah, Hooray!

Madame Gazelle: But only sometimes.

Peppa: That's good enough!