[Peppa and her family are watching a documentary about amusement parks.]

Daddy Pig: The Midthbourghs must be the luckiest family in the world. They live in a hotel, which is ancient.

Peppa: As old as you?

Daddy Pig: No Peppa, it's hundreds of years older than me.

Peppa: Oh.

Announcer: [on TV] Do you wanna experience fun in a whole new way? It's your lucky day. Go to Alfunzie's Resort, a complex filled with shops, theme parks, water parks, and resorts. Located in Orlando, Florida. Children under 18 are free. Critics say its the best.

Peppa: Can we go?

Mummy Pig: It's a long way to have fun.

Daddy Pig: It's not any old resort.

Mummy Pig: *answers phone* Yes this is Mummy Pig. Attina? Your going to Alfunzie's with the children and inviting me? Yes! See you at the airport. Bye.

Peppa: Can we?

Mummy Pig: Yes.

George: Dine-Saw.

[A bus arrives outside Peppa's house.]

Mummy Pig: Let's see the Midthbourghs.

[The Pig family go inside the bus.]

Miss Rabbit: Is everybody ready!

Everybody: Yes. Miss Rabbit: Okay then.

James: You must be Peppa.

Peppa: Yes. James: I heard about your best friend's snobby cousin and took her. When I met Shirley she didn't like water parks and called us "low class", but my family is one of the richest.

Peppa: I know right.

Miss Rabbit: I hope you will have a fun holiday to Orlando because we just arrived at the airport.

[Everybody gets off the bus.]


[Everybody gets on the plane]

Captain Emergency: Hello, this is Captain Emergency. Is everybody ready?

Everyone: Yes Captain Emergency.

Captain Emergency: Then let's go.

[The plane takes off]

Peppa: This is gonna take forever. *falls asleep*

[After a very long flight, the plane is minutes from landing.]

Peppa: Are we there yet?

Daddy Pig: Almost.

[The plane lands]

Alfunzie: Welcome to my paradise, please come in and have some fun.

[Everyone enters the park]

James: Let's leave the luggage in the limo.

Everyone: Okay.

Mummy Pig: The fireworks and the funnel cake eating contest are at the same time. Let's wait.

[A few hours later]

Attina: How were the rides?

James: Good.

Alfunzie: Now its time for the fireworks show. 

[A Mysterious person replaces the normal fireworks with illegal, dangerous fireworks, lights them up and pours a giant bucket of gas on the fireworks]

James: Alfunzie?

Alfunzie: Yes?

James: Why is there a mys-

[The fireworks explode making a massive, spreadable fire.]

James: There's a fire! Call 911.

Peppa: Its 999.

James: Not in this country.

Peppa: Oh.

[Alfunzie takes off his costume revealing that he's James' father.]

James: Dad?

James St.: Son! They kidnapped me. My Alfunzie costume got burnt.

Mummy Pig: Let's get out before it kills us.

Daddy Pig: What about our luggage?

James: its in the limo.

George: *cries*

James: Don't worry George, its gonna be alright.

[The Midthbourghs and the Pigs escape and are escorted to the limo]

Peppa: Thank goodness.

[The whole park explodes]

George: Bye, bye resorts. See you on the other side.

James: Your brother can speak in full sentences?

Peppa: We have been teaching him proper English.

James: At least my heirloom is safe.

Peppa: What's an heirloom?

James: Never mind that. Let's go to bed, its getting late.

Everybody: Goodnight.

[Peppa, George. James, and others fall asleep.}

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