The Giant Muddy Puddle is an episode from season 13 of Peppa Pig.


Peppa and George discover a giant mud puddle outside, and tries it out if its safe, but Daddy Pig destroys all of the Peppaverse.


[The episode begins outside the house]

Peppa Pig: [reading episode title] The Giant Muddy Puddle.

Narrator: [while Peppa and George run outisde] Peppa and George are going to jump in muddy puddles.

Peppa Pig: [sees a giant puddle]

Narrator: Peppa has found a giant muddy puddle.

Peppa Pig: Wait, George! I'll check if this is safe. [jumps in the muddy puddle] Good! It's safe for you.

George Pig: [jumps in the muddy puddle]

[Both Peppa and George and jumping in the mud puddle]

Narrator: Peppa and George are jumping in the giant mud puddle.

[Cuts back to the house]

Daddy Pig: [comes out of the house, but accidentally falls down the hill]

[Cuts back to Peppa and George jumping in the mud puddle]

Daddy Pig: [splashes into the giant mud puddle, making the screen covered with mud and causing an earthquake]

[Cuts to the Playgroup. Mud floods into the playgroup, cuts to Peppatown, mud floods into it, cuts to the entire earth. Mud floods into it, making all the colors of the earth brown]

[Cut to Peppa Pig in the bed and she wakes up]

Peppa Pig: Woah! It was just a bad dream.